The Blue Monster

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This monster is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. He's a small, blue monster that can go anywhere in a flash. He's a murderer who has slain many people. He jumps on top of them, breaking their skull or their spine. Many people call him the fastest thing alive. But I don't think he's alive... he's something other than alive. The victims he targets are always in nature. That's where he got me and my friend. We were rolling along the grass, doing nothing wrong, and then we saw him. He was staring at us then dashed at us in a flash, as if he was going the speed of sound. My friend we call Buzzbomber tried to shoot him, but that did no good, he was way too fast.

He jumped and killed my friend effortlessly. I heard a pop as he killed him. Then he jumped on my head and killed me as well, but before he did that, I could hear him say something. He said, "You're too slow!"

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