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Okay, so I just want to get 3 things out of the way first.

  1. Do not ever attempt this.
  2. This isn't funny.
  3. I was not in the treehouse. I was not involved in this AT ALL.

The Story

So when I was a child, there was a kid in my grade who was a huge jerk to everyone. He was about a year older than everyone else, since he failed the previous year. Anyways, one day I was at my friend's house, and all my other friends were in a treehouse in viewing distance. So the kids were sitting in the treehouse, where I wasn't, and the guy goes up to it and starts throwing rocks into the treehouse, where I was not. I was at my friends house.

So when my friends refused to let it bother them, the bully decided to go up into the treehouse, where I wasn't, I was watching from my friend's house. The guys beat him up, obviously, considering it was 4 to 1, and what I saw next was either funny or horrifying. You'll probably think it's funny, but it freaked me out big time.

I saw my friends throw the kid out of the window with a noose around his neck. Luckily for him, the rope broke and he got away from the treehouse, where I can't stress enough that I wasn't. He got up, ran away, passed my friend's house that I was in and not in the treehouse, and ran away.

We lived in a rough neighborhood.

Also, true story, This actually happened in real life.

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