The Creepypasta/Trollpasta Drinking game

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You guys are free to add in more if you desire so.

  1. Every time you see the word "Blood" or "Bloody", drink
  2. If there's talk about hyper-realistic images, drink
  3. If a character was an intern at something, drink.
  4. If it's a haunted video game that went evil because it had been forgotten for a long time and wanted to take revenge upon the player, drink
  5. If there's a serial killer for the sake of having a serial killer, drink
  6. If said serial killer has no buildup or back story until another pasta about the serial killer comes out, drink
  7. If said serial killer had a troubled past when it comes to dead parents, mean parents, poor parents or bullying gone wrong, drink
  8. If there's talk about some kid friendly thing going around murdering children, drink
  9. If a killer has a scar on his face, drink
  10. If there's a lost episode, drink
  11. If it's a theory that doesn't make sense, have no point other than to ruin people's childhoods, drink
  12. If a character goes to Gamestop or browses on eBay, drink
  13. If someone kills himself, drink
  14. When Every Word Is Capitalized Like This, Drink

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