The Curse of Herobrine

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Many stories are false, and many are true, but it is up to you, what you believe. I believe these events that happened, and I hope you do to. It was a Saturday Night, around midnight to be exact. December 2, 2011 if I recall correctly. I loaded up Minecraft to josh around with some buddies on a multiplayer server, it was mainly a roleplaying server, yet nobody ever roleplayed, so all it was were medieval cities, realistic and awesome.

I was having a lot of fun, me and my buddies together went cave spelunking, getting some ore, and to be dicks, we often pushed each other in lava. We spent alot of time in that cave system, around 50 diamond in total if we added our inventories up. It was an achievement, pretty awesome, if you ask me. Yeah, boring, I know, but it is just about to get started, really. We delivered our ores, and I noticed that the chests surrounded in cobblestone were low on wood, which was odd, because I remembered gathering wood for a while, now. But I dismissed it as a person who took it without permission, crafted a diamond axe, and went out to cut some trees. It was around the 50th tree, a few hundred blocks away, when Minecraft froze, at first, I thought it was an error. Minecraft was known for crashing on my computer, so I decided to wait it out, for about 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes. I was a little baffled, as it took 3 minutes tops to unfreeze.

With a sigh of relief with the unfreeze, I typed into the chat "Lol, just froze, the kingdom's north, right?" I waited a few minutes. No response. "Guys?" I waited again. No response. It was odd, as there were 20 people logged in when I checked twenty minutes ago. They couldn't have ALL logged, could they? I /who'd, which is a function that lists everybody online. I got a list of nothing. It was also just becoming night too. I sighed in real life, and tried to recall where I went, easily following the trail of saplings I forgot to pick up. It was only minutes later, that I saw a light in the distance. It was the town. I couldn't have been more excited to see one, although I wasn't scared, I was spooked. Maybe the server crashed and I didn't get DC'd? Who knows. I looked around, nobody. I didn't get suspicious as to why as I knew there was nobody on, so I simply deposited the wood in the chest, but marked in the chest, in cobblestone, was the letter, "H". My buddy probably did that before the game crashed. Haha, very funny. It was an inside joke amongst my friends to leave H's, to reference the mysterious, but also fake "Herobrine".

It had been night for a while. A suspiciously long while. Now I was getting creeped out. I turned around. And nearly jumped... Atleast twenty human models, skinless, just black human models, drifted about, turning, wandering, etc. Almost like a hostile mob, but no, they drifted about, as if sliding on ice, and they moved a bit more... intelligently. They opened doors, and closed them. They had a simple questionmark, and a number above their head, like ?1, or ?29, or something like that. Black, drifting around intelligently. Now, I was freaked out. Had the owner installed a new mod? Was there some sort of error and that meant I didn't get kicked while he tested it? I don't know, but it was like nothing I've EVER seen before. I was scared. Terrified, almost.

I walked the gravel roads players had made, outlined by fences. If these mobs were hostile, I was probably out of range, I slowly went back to the treasure chests, picking out the diamond and crafting swords, and armor.

I could have logged out, and have been like "Fuck it," but I was too scared, and also drawn to this mysterious phenomenon to think correctly.

I approached one of these mobs slowly. Yes, slowly. Hesitantly. It was a game for fuck sakes, why was I scared? It couldn't kill me, could it? Almost instantly, though, sound effects ceased to exist. Only the new CD, 11, or whatever it was called, the broken disk, that was brought to Minecraft from a guy who made this song for a Herobrine video. I knew this why? I was subscribed on Youtube to the account that made it, but enough about youtube accounts, back to the story.

The music was all I could hear, and as I got next to the mob, I took 6 hearts of damage, and I ran away.

Almost like dominoes, these mobs approached me, intelligently like players, not like mobs that get clipped onto objects.

They took no damage, but suffered a knockback from my sword. In fear, I decided to break through the fence, to escape. They followed. Terrified, I finally decided to log out. It wouldn't let me press escape. Alt+Tab. Wouldn't do anything. Control+Alt+Delete. Nothing. I tried to turn off my computer. Nothing. Pull the plug. Nothing. Alright, I admit it, I was scared. Almost horrified. Something told me this was actually real, not a game, despite me sitting at a computer pressing a keyboard. Yeah, silly, right? Wrong. I felt the wind knocked out of me, when I suffered 3 hearts of damage. I just ran using the keyboard. I was terrified, but hooked. But I could feel pain. How was that possible? Netherack spawned before my eyes onto grass, flames spawning atop just moments later. Soulsand spawned where I stood and ran, slowing me, but not slowing them. Everything seemed to change, stuff that didn't naturally spawn, wood and cobble, became netherbrick. Grass and stone became Soulsand and Netherack, water became lava, and ores became netherack. Everything seemed to become a nether in the real world. This may seem unrealistic, but it was real to me. Honestly, I was terrified. No ghasts, no Pigmen. No mobs, other than these black things. The sky was now red and hazy. Nether. That's what I thought. Nether on Earth. I came to a halt at a large Netherbrick wall, busting it open and finding myself in an empty, dim, poorly lit room with bookshelves, and an enchanter. Numerous alchemy stations, and empy chests. There was a maze of shelves, better than nothing, I suppose. It was only moments later after going in quite a far bit, I suppose, I heard the familiar, "OOF!" sound that was removed from the game in the full release. I loved that noise, but now, I hated it. It wasn't natural anymore. It was gruesome to hear, since I didn't take damage. The broken disk music played once more, setting panic. I heard flames. Bookshelves caught on fire, and each time I lit on fire, I could feel stings in real life. I reached the end of the bookshelf maze. Nothing, no exit. The end of the line. I knew I was being followed. That oof told me so. All I could hear, the broken music disk, the flames, walking that wasn't from me, and wasn't from the black mobs, as they didn't make noise, and occasional "Oof"s. I was being followed. I slowly turned the corner.

I stared in the soulless eyes of Herobrine, empty. Herobrine. HEROBRINE. He didn't exist, but here he was, existing. I typed in "What the hell?!" "Stop." was the response. "Stop what?" I replied in chat. The ghost of Notch's dead brother, Herobrine approached me. "End game," It said. I heard the bonecrunching sound, that the player makes, and I woke up in real life, the character death screen, infront of the tree I was at before the computer crashed, and looked at the time, and it was 5 o'clock, PM. And the entire ordeal started roughly at 4 AM.

Many stories are false, and many are true, but it is up to you, what you believe. I believe these events that happened, and I hope you do to. Beware of Herobrine, fellow Minecrafters, because some day, his curse may be upon you.

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