The Day They All Died

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There were these people who were very happy together, but one day things started getting very strange. There was this one guy named Bill, and he was very happy and very healthy. All of a sudden, he died without any sort of warning! Everyone was scared and they took him to the hospital, but the doctor couldn't do anything to help. It was as if he just died for no reason. Then the doctor was talking to Bill's wife Janet, when they both died! Everyone got even more scared, and Bill's brother Dave tried to run, but before he got to the door, he died too! Then all of Bill and Dave's children died, except Dave's son Joseph for some reason. Joseph tried to find his grandfather, but he found him and his grandmother dead as well! Joseph was scared, so he went to church, but the priest was dead too! He ran to his friend Steve's house, but as soon as he got there, he died! When Steve opened the door, he found Joseph's dead body.

Steve got scared, so he tried to tell his parents, but they were dead too! Steve then called 9/11, but as soon as the operator picked up, Steve died! The operator was worried, so he sent the police to Steve's house, but when they got there, Officer Albert died! Officer Jackson got worried, so he went to see if his wife Martha was okay, but when he got home, Martha and her kids were dead! Officer Jackson decided to call the Mayor, but after he told the Mayor what was going on, he died! The Mayor told the Governor, and the Governor told President Obama, but there was nothing he could do because he died too! The world was scared, so people started going crazy and broke and killed and burned everything. More and more people died, and and by the end of the day, everyone was dead. This is the tragic tale of that fateful day when everyone died...

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