The Day of the Ceiling Nick

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Everything in the Creepypasta chat was perfectly normal. Everyone was chatting, and having their giggles and shit. Out of nowhere, Zyranne transformed into Ceiling Zyranne. It wasn't until that Finneow English caught on to this. Finneow English suddenly transformed into Ceiling Finneow. And he updated the logs, with 248 lines of logs.

After that, Prince Weaver transformed into Ceiling Weaver. Everyone in the chat became a ceiling something. There was Ceiling Fatal, Ceiling Pram, and Ceiling Koromo. The chat became infested with the Ceiling Nick infestation.

Then... Ceiling Nick came in...

He was like "OI, U SRS M8!? LEMME LOL HARDER!" In a fierce, caps-like, tone.

Ceiling Nick ended up banning all of the users, other than himself.

He became isolated on the chat, that he cried alone at night. Cuddling his cats, he said "I should unban them all..."

But, the next day, Ceiling Nick didn't give a flying fuck. He just lurked on the ceiling, watching me f- I mean make this story.

Created by the Citizens of the Creepypasta Chat

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