The Day of the Zyranne

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It was your average, typical, day in the CPW chat. Everyone was having a good time, such a splendid time. 

Then, out of nowhere, Finneow English transformed into Zyranne. Since Zyranne was loling at srs ppl, she didn't notice till after she got done loling.

Then Simon, as if he was a spooky skeleton, popped out and was Zyranne. Zyranne was infuriated that everyone was turning into her.

Then the whole entire wiki population transformed into Zyranne. We had LOLZYRANNE, LosZyranne, Fatal Zyranne, ImGonnaBeThatZyranne, WhyAmIReadingZyranne, ClericofZyranne, CarcinoZyranne, Dream Zyranne, and a whole bunch more.

Then, she banned all of the people, and hacked the wiki so that she can become a bureaucrat and an admin, and demodded everyone. She knew she had to face ClericofZyranne, so she hacked the whole entire wiki system, and made herself staff. She demodded ClericofZyranne, SloshedZyranne, and Prince(ss) Zyranne from their bureaucrat rights.

Then, a srs user came into the chat at one point.

Zyranne lol'd at him.

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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