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Author's note: This is my forst every Creepypasta, I hope you all enjiy it :3 Also plz don't be too mean to me I'm trying mg best I swear :(

Hello, my name is Lavender but most people call me Lavie. ANyways, I have a very important and interest story to tell all of you so please listen ot me. But also be warned that what you are about to hear is pure terror and way too horrifying to even properly tell but oh well I will try mt best.

Anyways, this story begins on a regular Staurday afternoon. I was utterly bored and has nothing to do as I had already finished homework like the good noodle I am. At the moment I was just watching Tv but I wasn't really processing what was on. I think it was that crap show Teen Titans Go but whatever it doesn't really matter. I was just so bored that I swore I was going to do from the supreme boredness I was feeling. And then, I had a sidden realization.

Whay not play some Roblox? Roblox was my absolute favorute game ever since I was six years old. I had all of the merch to ever exist of it and I know almost all of the games like the back of my hand. I guess you could say I was a Roblox superfan. So yeah I decided to quench my unforgiving boredom by playing the beauty that is Roblox. I then got up off the couch and went into my older brothers' (their names are Dennis and Ross) room and asked them if they wanted to play Roblox with me. The two of them were also superfans of Roblox just like me. In fact, they were the ones that introduced to the masterpiece Roblox.

Of course the two of them said yes and I excitedly grabbed my laptop from my room. I say next to Dennis on his bed and pulled up the glorious website on my computer. We logged into our accounts and tried to find a good game to play. However, it seemed to prove tough to find a game to play. The three of us have played Roblox for so long that we might as well have played every single game on it. Nothing seemed new and fresh to us anymore. This made me feel sad and upset as I really wanted to do something to cure my bored feelings and thought that Roblox would be the solution. Just as we were about to give up, Ross had a perplexd look on his face.

Dennis: Hey bro, what's the matter?

Ross: Nothing... it's just... I think I found a new game for us to play. But it looks really weird.

Me: What makes it so weird?

Instead of saying anything, Ross just showed me his screen. The cover image for the game was just a black background with bright glowing crimson red eyes. Looking at the eyes gave me an uneasy feeing but I pushed it aside as I thought it meant nothing. The game itslef was called....... The Death Destroyer........

Dennis: Well I think we shoukld play it. It looks pretty interesting.

Me: Are you sure? It looks kind of spooky...

Dennis: C'mon don't be a scaredy-cat sis! It's probably not that bad at all.

Ross: Yeah. Besides, it's not like we have anything else to do. Plus it was your idea to play ROblox after all.

Me: Fine, I guess it wouldn't hurt to play it.

So then the three of us joined the game, however, that would be the biggest mistake of our lice. Anyways, we joined the game and were met with some weird shit. It appeared that the three of us had spawned into some dark room with only a candle as a light source. On the floor was a giant puddle of red which I grimly assumed was blood. This confused me and I could tell from Ross and Dennis' faces that it confused them as well. I made my Roblox character walk around the room adn realized that the room itself wasn't that big. Hoever, it was hard ti see anything as the candle only brightened up the room so much. My brothers soon started to do the same sp that we can firgure out a way out of the room.

But... we found almost nothing that could help us. We were just stuck in this big black abyss with no way to free oursleves. This scared me a bit as the creepiness of the room felt like it was increasing with every fraction of time. I then decideed to start clicking everything around us in hopes that it would do somthing. And well... it did. But as I looke back at this moment I can't help but feel angry with myself. If only I hadn't clicked on the screen then... well I'll get to that in a bit. Let's continue on with my horrifying tale.

I don't know what exactly I clicked as it was so dark but it did indeed cause sometjhing to happen. The game proceeded to teleport us to somewhere else. We were now in an open field with what looked like an abandoned house near us. It was nighttime but we could at least see much better than when we were in the room. Loud sounds of wind blowing came from our laptops which hurt our ears much more than usual since it was comming from more than one laptop.

Ross: What the shit?!

Dennis: Yeah, what the fuck is going on?!

Me: I don't know... I just clicked something and this happened!

I could tell that Dennis and Ross were beginning to get creeped out. But I don't blame them either, I was beginning to shake from the eerieness of this game. However, I should've realized sooner that the terror had yet to begin.

???: Hello.

What the fuck?! Someone was typing in the chat but when I looked at the player roster I didn't see that anyone else had joined. It only had me and my brothers' usernames. I was shocked! Who could've said that? Ross and Dennis were as eaqually confused and scared as I was. Then, I glanced over at Dennis' screen adn saw that he was going to type in chat to whoever this elusive character was. I tried to stop him but I was just too slow... he hit the enter button on his message and a chill ran up my spine. Here's what Dennis had wrote:

commitarsonpoopoos (Dennis' username): Who the FUCK are you?! And what's up with this weird ass game?!

???: Are you trying to challenge me? How pathetic.

Dennnis' face went pale after that message was sent which made me almost want to cry. I have never seen my brother so frightened before and it hurt my heart to see him in such a way. Anyways, I decided to run around the map to try and find who this mysterious peron was. The map was much bigger than expected as I felt like I was running in one dircetion for way too long. Ross and Dennis were following right behind me as I kept running. My attempts to find anything seemed absolutely futile as it just felt like we were making no progress.

???: Look at you puny mortals running around fruitlessly like chickens without their heads. It's amusing how terrible these creatures are.

Ross' character suddenly stopped running and I assumed he too was now going to try and talk to whatever was in the game with us. I knew I would be inevatbly be too slow to stop him so I let him do what he was planning to do.

HarvenRat (Ross' username): No seriouslu, who the HELL are you!!!!

Then the sounds of wind suddely stopped. It was now eerielhy quiet. I... was terrified. Then.......... something started slowly coming out og the ground. What looked like a dark portal was begining to form and it was so scary. Slowly, what looked like a black shadow started to rise up from the portal. It was so dark that I could barely make out its figure. But the one thing that i could see was its glowing red eyes... just like on the cover picture of the game. God just thinking about it now still sends shivers done my spine. The figure stared deep into each of our souls and it made me almost piss myself because of how horrifying it felt.

Then................................................................. it spoke to us once more.

???: I am the Death Destroyer and you mortals are foolish to think that you can escape me.

Suddenly the ground underneath us disappeared and we were back in a dark room with minimal light. But this time there was lots more blood and there were skeletons all around us. The room also seemed to be much bigger than the one at the beginning of the game. The Death Destroyer flew down to us and with the candle light I could vaguely make out its large bat like wings and big devilish horns. Its face however was still shrouded in darkness.

The Death Destroyer: HarvenRat, commitarsonpoopoos and LaurZvahlCanRawMe (my username)... these are the remains of previous player who dared to try to stop me. Now... you three will join them.

Before any of us could say anything, the room we were in went black and at the very same time the power in our house went off. I quickly jumped off of Dennis' bed and tried to run out of the room. But it was so dark that I ended up tripping on something and falling face first on the ground. Out of nowhere, I heard loud screaming and not only was it coming from the same room as me but... it sounded exactly like my brothers!

Me: Dennis! Ross! What's wrong?! What happened to you guys?!

I didn't receive an answer, just more screaming! I wasn't sure what to do, I am just a twelve year old girl after all. I started crying hoping that this was all just some messed up dream.

???: This isn't a dream mortal, it is a nightmare. And incredibly real nightmare.

I quickly looked around for the source of that ominious voice but when I turned around I saw... those glowing crimson blood red eyes. They were staring at me with pure terror and malice. As I looked into those eyes, the screams of my brothers suddenly died out. But that only filled me with more fear.

Me: P-please... why are you doing this to us? Why...

I was sobbing like no tomorrow. Why did this game hate us so? Why was coming after us? Just WHY?!!!

The Death Destroyer: Pah! Look how you tremble and wail like the baby you are. So pathetic. You're not even worthy to be killed by my greatness so I will let your horrid soul suffer instead.

The eyes went away and the lights turned back on and what I saw... was horrible. Blood and guts were splattered all over my brothers' walls and floors. But that wasn't even the worst of it. Ross and Dennis... oh god... their bodies were hung from the ceiling, displaying their ripped apart and open chest cavities. Their eyes were missing and their tongues had been pulled out of their mouths. I... vomited. After I was done puking my guts out, I started to sob violently. Ross and Dennis... were gone. They were the only family I had ever since our parents inexplicably died in a train accident and now... I had no one.

I don't know how long I was crying but evetually I ran out of the room and called the police. When they arrived I brought them to my brothers' room but... their bodies... they were gone. Most of the blood anf guts were gone too but some of it was still there. It was definitely less than before though. i was utterly perplexed and disturbed. I know what I saw was real, there was no way I imagined all of that. The police told me to exit the room while they did their investigation so I did. While I was outside waiting as the police did their thing, I called my best friend Link and told him what happened. He believed me almost instantly as he knows i wouldn't lie about something so serious. He then told me that he would be on his way soon to make sure that I was okay.

As soon as Link came over, I rushed into his arms and started crying into his shoulder. He rubbed my back comfortingly as I wailed viciously loud.

Link: I'm really sorry about what happened Lavie... that Death Destroyer... he will pay for this.

I didn't say anything just continued to cry as he held me close. Link was my best friend in the whole wide world. He has always been there for me and now he truly is one of the only people that I have left to trust. Why must the world be so cruel...

Not long after what initially happened, I was sent to live with Link and his family. They gladly took me in as I had no where else to go and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm getting use to my new life but it isn't exactly easy. Though Link's parents, twin brother Toby and younger sister Bennabella (or just Benny for short) have treated me very nicely and I appreviate that a lot. However, that day will forever haunt my mind and will forever give me horrible nightmares. To this day, Ross and Dennis' bodies have never been found but I know where they are. And no one other than Link believes me when I tell them it was the Death Destroyer. They just think that the trauma of losing my brothers made me crazy enough to believe that some demon had something to do with their disappearance but what I witnessed was undoubtedly real.

I have not played Roblox since and I doubt I ever will again. That game is secretly a dark and evil thing and I wish to never go on there again. The only time I ever really log in is to see if I could find that Death Destroyer game again but no matter what I do I can't find it. Which had led me to believe that you can only find the game if the game WANTS you to find it. So as a warning to my fellow Roblox players:


Don't make the same mistakes I did or you WILL suffer the consequences. I lost two people very important to me because of my ignorance and I do not want anyone else to make the same fatal mistake as I. That's why I'm posting this tale of mine here, to ensure that everyone can be safe from such true horror. To this day I still feel as though someone is watching me from the shadows, judging every single thing I do from a distance. And I know exactly who it is and I know they won't hurt but merely just watch me suffer endlessly. But don't be fooled, somehow, someday I will get my revenge for what they've done. I don't care if takes me years to do it, it will happen and nothing is going to stop me. So the Death Destroyer, I know that you are watching me right now as I write this so mark. my. words. Revenge will happen sooner or later so you better prepare yourself for the worst.

As for everyone else reading this right now, this has been my story so thank you for lending me your ears. Please heed my warning and stay safe out there. In fact you may want to just quit Roblox overall to really ensure your safety but that is up to you. Either way, be VERY careful of the Death Destroyer and be very wary of what games you choose to join or not. Again, thank you for listening to me and goodbye for now.

- Lavie

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