The Death of Brother & Sister (The Lost Episode of Berenstain Bears)

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On September 10, 2005, The Berenstain Bears (2003 TV series) was cancelled because there was an unaired episode that was never supposed to be aired. The episode was so disturbing that it aired only once. One day, I was at a Pawn Shop to find some VHS tapes. While looking, I found something kind of strange. It was a Berenstain Bears VHS, it said: "beREnsTaiN bEarS fINal ePiSoDe" written with a blue sharpie. So I took the tape home.

As you would expect, I was really horrified. But I thought at first that this was maybe just a cruel, sick joke, seeing how this episode looked somewhat unfinished. So I finally got to see the final episode of the show.

The episode started off with Mama and Papa Bear sitting the couch, looking at a newspaper. The animation looks more colorful better here, more like the show's normal colors, although the audio was still backwards. The newspaper says "NEW BEAR COUNTRY AIRPORT TRIP". Papa Bear said "Brother, Sister! We are going a plane trip!".

When Brother and Sister Bear came from their room, they looked upset. The screen fades out with The Bear Family going in the plane. As the plane was in the air, Brother and Sister ran to escape. Mama yelled "BROTHER AND SISTER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! YOU BOTH COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!!!". They didn't reply. Instead they opened a door and were sucked out. They began to fall and started to scream and die. Then it showed a hyper-realistic drawing of Brother and Sister Bear's dead bodies.

Then it cuts to a still image that still haunts me forever, it was an image of Steven Universe, but he was covered in blood, his shirt was wrinkled, his fingernails were long and sharp, his ears were pointed, he had maniac eyes that looked like they were about to pop out of his sockets, his nose was like a pig's nose, and he had hundreds of razor sharp teeth. Audio that sounds like The Berenstain Bears theme song being played in reverse was playing in the background. It seemed to stay there for around 10 seconds until it cut back to the episode.

Then it cuts to Mama and Papa crying in the table. The crying didn't sound like cartoon crying, it was realistic crying in pain. There is then a slight static sound, and it cuts to Brother and Sister Bear’s funeral. Everything is black and white instead of colorful. Everyone had grim expressions as they stared at Brother and Sister in their coffins.

The camera cuts to static again, and shows Mama and Papa Bear at a desk. In front of them was a paper and a pencil. Mama Bear then gripped the pencil in her hand and began writing. She spoke out loud as she wrote:

"We can’t take it. Without my children in our, we are nothing. They made us what we are today. We are thankful for them. But now, with them dead, We just have no purpose in life. We cannot live with myself without Brother and Sister. If they are dead.... then we want to be dead. Goodbye everyone in Bear Country. We're sorry for hurting anyone for doing this, but... we just can't live like this, without Brother and Sister. 'If anyone finds this note, then We are probably dead..."

There was then no noise. No noise at all except for Mama and Papa Bear saying "Goodbye...". The camera pans over to reveal roped are hanging from a ceiling. Mama and Papa then bring the nose around their neck, and stands up on a stool. They sigh and kicks the stool from under them, and their body drops faster than a lead balloon. Mama and Papa hangs there, and the camera cuts to static. When the camera starts up again, what I saw scared the crap out of me. It was Mama and Papa Bear... they were hanging. The camera stayed on them, as their bodies swung sideways. The note they made was pinned on the wall. Then the same image of Steven Universe stayed on screen for a minute.

The camera cuts to static and the episode ends, with a black screen and text saying: "The Berenstain Bears died. The series is over. Have a nice life, kids. Goodbye." Then the credits roll, for some reason only listing: Writer: Stan and Jan Berenstain (the creators of The Berenstain Bears). Then the tape ended. I was too scared, I threw the tape in the trash can. I wish I never seen this Berenstain Bears episode before.

If you see a Berenstain Bears episode that has blood and gore and scary images on it, don't watch it.

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