The Dungeon

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I wondered if I would ever see daylight again. Stuck- is this the end? I noticed my cell block was left unlocked, so I wandered off. I heard soul-piercing screaming as I roamed through the halls, determined to get out. I heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Probably some troops running out, to their own deaths. They won't stand a chance..... though, I wonder where he is. And, exactly WHO he is. He slaughtered thousands of fellow citizens of the kingdom, yet still is destined to save the Princess. Is he good or bad?

I ran out into the main hall. Cells lined up in a straight line. Full of captives. Then I came across the room. The brute of a person.... whipping a poor man. Shivering the man looked at the walls. They were lined up with people that were hung. They were covered in dry blood. Some had their eyes clawed out by this terrible... creature.

But among the shadows, I saw a morgue. In a prison? Yes. Dead.... all innocent. Covered in dry blood, with mangled faces, both legs and hands cut off to disable their ability to run or break out. Everything became blurry as I puked on the floor. WHY?

I then heard him approaching. I'M SAVED! I say my thank-yous, and smiled. Though under that smile... there was a memory that would haunt him forever.

As soon as we stopped, I deemed I had no purpose left in me. What looks like a simple brick held something creepy and devious. It is my greatest trauma. As I looked down the steep cliff, I remember. The memories. Why I am doing this to myself. So I jumped.

"Goodbye, World," I said, "because this is the last you'll see of Yoshi."

Credited to LengendaryDeathclaw 

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