The First Motion Picture In Manchester

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The following story was recovered from a late 19th century journal. The author of this journal is unknown and historians have been searching for further evidence of this film or it's creator.

December 2nd, 1891

I had a most frightful experience at the new motion picture theater in the Manchester town square last week. I was excited to see my fist film, but after todays experience, I never even want to think about moving pictures ever again. I entered the theatre expecting to see something involving the circus only to see a gorgeous woman standing completely still, simply starring at the screen. At first I thought that the moving picture machine was broken but then she suddenly moved. She slowly raised her dress to reveal her bare ankle! I was terrified and promptly fled the theater along with everyone else. I have been having dreadful nightmares all week involving women showing their ankles and a fever of poor moral hygiene sweeping all of the British Empire. I haven't written in my journal until now because I was so terrified. These new motion pictures are a most daemonic art form.

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