The Flood of Creepypasta Land

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One day in the land of Creepypastaland, Jeff was driving to the nearest Taco Bell (Yep, They have Taco bells in Creepypastaland) When he got a call from Ben. Ben told Jeff to drop by his house and to get him a taco. Jeff got the tacos and went instantly to Ben's House. Jeff Pulled into Ben's driveway and hit SmileDog. "Sorry" Said Jeff to Ben. "I hit your dog". "Just because he's in my driveway, You thought he was my dog?" Ben said. "Ummmm, Yeah..." Jeff said. "I was gonna help him make out of the flood alive" Ben said. "A FLOOD?!?! IN CREEPYPASTALAND?!?!? WAT DA FOCK!?!" Jeff exclaimed. "It was on the news" Ben Said. "WHAT?!?" Jeff Said. "Doesn't The Rake have like a yacht or sometin?" Said Ben. "Yeah, He does, We should go over there" So they hopped in Jeff's Car Threw SmileDog in the back, And headed for The Rake's House. On the way there, Slendermen was walking down the street. "Quick! Get in here!" Exclaimed Jeff. And Slendermen hopped In, And then it started raining. "Ugggh, This is gonna suck." Said Ben. "Just Shut up, I need to drive" Said Jeff. When crossing the bridge, A meteor came and blew up the road. Sending The whole gang into the Polybius River. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" They all screamed. They climbed to shore and realized they had to walk. Slendermen carried SmileDog, And they got to Lavender Town, But couldn't think where they need to go next. They decided to ask a trainer for directions to RakeCity (That is where The Rake lives...) And the trainer told them to go left and they walked into a nearby cave. They saw a Missingo and ran for their lives. They got out of the cave and saw the trainer laughing at them. Jeff walked up to him and stapped his neck and kicked him down. Just then, SmileDog woke up and asked "Where am I?" And Jeff Explained the whole thing. SmileDog gave them Directions to RakeCity, And they headed down the road to Rake's House. They saw Suicide Mouse with a gun to his head. "Did you guys hear about the flood?" He asked. "Yeah, We are headed to The Rake's House to use his yacht. Wanna come?" Said Ben. "Nah" Suicide Mouse said and pulled the trigger to his gun. "I got SuicideMouse blood on me." Said SmileDog. "We all did." Said Ben. "HEY! IT'S THE RAKE'S HOUSE!" Screamed Jeff. They ran down the street and knocked on his door. "Come in" Said The Rake and they all came in. The Grifter, Mr.Bones and Evil Patrixx happend to be there too. "Rake, I Thought that you hated Trollpasta Characters." Said Ben. "Not Anymore, Now Get in the yacht!" Said The Rake. They Climbed aboard the yacht and since the flood was building up, They set sail on the Now-4-feet-of-water. Ben's Raido went off and started screaming "FLASH FLOOD WARNING! FLASH FLOOD WARNING!" "Wat da fug is that Ben?" Asked Jeff to Ben. "A Flash Flood is when-" At that moment, A 24 Foot wave of water took the yacht and flinged it down the street. "You Shouldn't Have Done That, Water" Said Ben. "THE RIDE NEVER ENDS!" Screamed Mr.Bones. The Boat smashed into a Iceberg and threw Evil Patrixx to saftey. "WOOHOO!" Said Evil Patrixx, As he watched the boat hit another Iceberg, Drowning Everyone Exept Jeff and Ben, Who managed to pull themselves back on top the boat. "Ben, Here's that taco you wanted!" Screamed Jeff over the loud Waves crashing. "Thanks." Yelled Ben Back. Ben slipped and was hanging over the edge. Jeff grabbed his hands and got a good grip. "I'LL NEVER LET GO BEN! I'LL NEVER LET GO!" Said Jeff. Out of no where, However, Ben smacked against a school bus and flinged away. The boat crashed into another IceBerg and Jeff flew to a roof top. "Well, That was pointless" and Jeff took a last bite of his taco.

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