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“We gotta get this patient to a hospital ASAP!” Addson, a hospital worker exclaimed.

“Can you please quit yelling like that?1” Ben, another hospital worker vociferated. “You are literally irritating my ears!” A messed up victim is on a stretcher that Ben and Addson are rolling to a hospital truck, at night.. The victims stomach has been ripped open, and some of his small intestines have been removed. “This guy doesn't look like he will survive!” Addson declared, as calm as he could, still sort of yelling.

The man in the stretcher was found fatally injured on the night of September 5th, 2009. He was airlifted to a hospital, but died three days later. That was one of a series of murder cases that started the phenomenon of the mysterious killer known only as The Footprint Killer because every time he takes

another victim, he leaves a pair of wet footprints somewhere near the scene. Only a few people had managed to photograph him. What ensues are bits and pieces of information that detectives are trying to put together.

A Police Report From the Early 2000s.

Shelley Police Department

Shelley, Idaho

Date:January 23rd, 2003 Location: Shelley Idaho, Bingham County

Offense:Murder Known suspect(s)Footprint Murderer

Reporte filed by:Officer Frence Jr. Victim(s)Lina Dosse


On the night of January 23rd, a dead woman was found with a knife stabbed into her back. Oddly enough, there were no fingerprints on the knife, so no one knows who killed the woman. The only piece of evidence left were two footprints. We can't tell whose they are, at least not yet. Any who, we can only call him the Footprint Murderer.

A Journal Entry

“I do not know if I can go on anymore for now I have experienced the greatest possible fear. Possible fear. This person known as The Footprint Killer has killed my dad, my mother, and my two siblings. I think he is after me now.: (unintelligible text on a ripped page)

Most of the pages in the Journal were ripped.

The authors bedroom window was smashed and his neck was slashed three times by a knife. Government officials suspect that the footprint Killer did it

A Witness (2008)

“This is what happened to me while working at Dominoes Pizza.

The time was 9:20 PM. I was getting ready to head home, but then this person called, wanting a pepperoni pizza. Since it was Friday, I was not happy to have to whip up another batch when I was supposed to go home.

In about an hour, once I was finished making the pizza, I brought it to the drive through. There was a large, green minivan at the window. The guy (I only caught a good look at his face, his face was pale-ish, and he had brown hair) was carrying a knife. I told him that the pizza was already sliced. He then snapped back in a very deep voice, “That is not what I am here for! Get in the car!” About 5 seconds later, he grabbed me by the neck, and tried to slash me with his knife. He almost did, but instead I had luckily slipped out of his hands at the last minute. I then called the cops on my iPhone. Two weeks later, a cop to me to a local burger joint so I could recollect my thoughts. I told about what I had said before, talking about how I was supposed to have left. The cop then said I probably should have left when I was supposed to. Did I mention that he also said I was lucky to have survived?”

Another Journal Entry (2006)

“My house...It is burning down. My Sister, my brother-in-law, and my wife are dead. We were in that house for thanksgiving, but then, some guy walked in. I am going to include a picture of him in my journal. He looks disturbing.”

The second half of the page was torn out. We have the full Journal that the entry was in, even the photo. There are several photos of him, perhaps the most famous one include him in a street, from that Journal and a picture of his footprints. Cops still haven't found him to this day. We think he is after you, reader.

Credited to JohnnyBoy33
Originally uploaded on April 18, 2012

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