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*calling and answering noise*

Well, hello there, do you remember me?


Well since you had forgotten my name like all the rest of them, you don’t need to remember it. *sadly laughing* And for me having your contacts, you gave it to me. You know you're the one that showed me this site.

*Slit crying*

Oh I’m not crying don’t worry, I’m fine trust me.


Well I can tell you why I’m named the forgotten for my name ID here. I know it’s “so original” but it’s the only thing that I could think of.

When I was a younger, I was home-schooled since I was always treated the worst in school because I was different from the others, and after awhile I got into a few internet chat rooms and made friends.

Sure as time went on I lost a few friends and they forgot about me.

But by that time I had around two friends, sadly both of them were in public school, well one of them was in a private school but who’s keeping track.

One of them told us about a site where we can hear each other’s voices. We signed up and all that right away.

I only talked to those two people, while they talked to a bunch of other people they knew.

So they thought it would be a good idea to add me to one of these groups.

It was fun, I mean I was happy for once since it was a small group with at least five people, funny thing is I hardly even talk to people. So it was rare for me to talk to more than 3 people but oh well.

I slowly gotten used to the people there.

But after a few days they added more and more people.

I gotten scared and afraid of these new people since there was around 15 of them and I knew nothing about them, and I do mean nothing.

I tried to talk but..I was ignored every time. Sure after a few minutes they notice I was there, they would try to get me into a call.

But I didn’t want to join I was scared so I didn’t answer them. But when I did answer everything would get awkward. When I leave the call it seems they start talking again since a few people would type, maybe they don’t want to or just didn’t have a mic.

Sure a few people left the group, but then after a few days more would join, and I would keep trying to talk, but the same thing would happen again and again.

I was slowly losing my only friends, they were forgetting me.

I tried to talk to them a few times, and they asked me who I am, so I didn’t answer.

I asked everyone in my contacts, which was 23 people because some of the people like to add everyone to their contacts.

Since none of them remembered me or anything about me, it caused my depression to worsen.

I did the next best thing.

I went into my parents bedroom that night, while they were asleep I took my father’s sleeping pills.

I took around 15 of those pills, and you already know what happened next.

*Crying could be heard*

Now I’m telling you, what YOU did to me!

*Call ended*

*The forgotten’s picture has changed to a familiar face. You've seen that person before, but you just can’t recall who it is or anything about them.*

Credited to TheUnseenShadow
Originally uploaded on December 22, 2012

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