The Forgotten Minecraft Server

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One day, my friend and I decided to start searching for a Minecraft server on the Minecraft Server Listings. Everytime we do something like this I tell my friend a random server I.P. and we join it to see if we can grief. One time I found a servers I.P. and we joined. The spawn had a long grass field with a freshly built town in the middle. My friend and I tried began to grief but some blocks were protected, we could only break the windows and some of the torches. In the end we only destroyed a few corners of the houses, it was like someone just randomly assigned random blocks to be protected, whilst others are not.

Another thing my friend and I found on this server, was a fountain of some sort. Though when we both got close to it, we started losing health. So we decide to get out of the small town and explore. When we exited the town, we learned that the field was flat and limited.

It was also floating above a body of water. We tried greifing a few areas but it had protection as well. The field was ungreifable, but there were holes in the terrain. As we explored more, we found this little mansion. We broke into it, inside there was a trampoline with a cake next to it.

My friend decided to go stand next to them, and suddenly he started geting thrown into the air! Once in awhile he would hit the ground and loose health. There was nothing I could do because if I did go next to him, I would get shoved back. I waited until he died, then we started exploring in the mansion for a bit. I came across a stair case that had the same property that the trampoline had. Meaning when I got there, it would shove me back.

But I managed to sprint to get up the floor. The floor had nothing special in it, so we left the house. We started exploring the terrain and found tons of beta holes, But this was the full version! We explored more and found that the ground would switch drastically in terrain. Which means it would go from flat to mountainous instantly. Like the admin stopped the generating process and converted the map to a new version.

We found a few rivers of lava and obsidian that didn't look like it should mix with a forest biome at all. After 20 minutes of exploring a person joined. He said "Who are you?". My friend and I replied, "Hi.". He then said, "Get out and don't come back.". He banned my friend and before he banned me I said, "Wait! Who are you?"

At that moment I was banned. I tried joining back right away but then it was White-Listed. After a few months my friend and I somehow joined back. When we joined back, the town was mostly destroyed and my friend and I started exploring again. We will update this page if we find anything worth mentioning.

What we found recently:

4/24/12: The body of water under the field has almost been totally drained out.

Credited to Legoguy217
Originally uploaded on April 25, 2012

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