The Found Diary

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Hi, I'm Tom, and I went down south to London for a holiday.

I told the taxi to drop me off at an antiques shop I saw going past, saying I would walk to the hotel.

I went into the antiques shop. I walked past all the music boxes, shelves, cupboards and pictures, and then saw a diary. It looked like it was gold plated, with a fabric spine which was worn out. I looked in it and saw lots of boring entries.

I then saw a page with completely different hand writing.


I know our son has been missing for months now, but now it's time to tell the truth.

He stole my jewellery, and sold it to strangers. He then sold my gold, diamond and ruby necklace.

So I killed him. Catch me if you can, because I've run off to somewhere far away.



I was horrified and looked on the next page.

It read,

GOODBYE WORLD, in blood.

I was creeped out, and went to the hotel.

I was curious that the owner of the hotel called it the Micheal, so I began talking to her.

She said that she named it after her husband, and didn't know where he went.

I asked if he had a son. She said "Yeah, that little dick. I used to have a son, but, nevermind."

I asked her what her name was.


Credited to Cuda123
Originally uploaded on June 12, 2011

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