The Ghost in the Tower

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Never again will I ever dare to enter another clock tower, after the encounter that had crossed me just the other day. It was a cloudy November night, and there was a very light breeze that whistled through the brustling golden foliage on the sides of the road

Going into the tower, I had to push violently on the jammed, overwhelmingly tall door. I eventually thought "fuck this", gave a mighty bolting kick and unhinging the door right from its sides.

"To the top" I thought to myself, as I wished to acquire a landscape view of my entire town. I was also hopeful to capture a beautiful picture for the photography competition I had planned on entering just next week.

Give or take a few, there were at least a hundred steps in this tower, but at last my tired legs had finally made it to the top. I rushed too fast into the room that lay atop the tower, as almost immediately I halted to a stop at the horrible sight that beholded me. A bumpy, green-skinned ghost floating in the middle of the room with worms squirming through her eyes and skin, slowly turned to me and slowly opened her mouth to reveal a rotten, brown toothed smile.

"You better have a good reason for being here young man..." she uttered in a monotonous, yet chillingly menacing voice. I gasped and dropped my camera straight to the floor, smashing the lens and cracking the body.

Up above me, the clouds swirled speedily in a circle. Lightening and thunder crashed around me and the ghostly-witch creature leaned over me, and whispered into my ear in her cold, atmospheric voice, words I will never ever forget: "Read the first word of every line."

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