The God of Minecraft

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One day, I woke up, went to school, and then, came back to my house. I had an original Minecraft copy, and it was the 1.8.1 Beta release day! I was anxious. So, I started Minecraft, clicked Force Update, and stuff. The update was installed successfully, and I started a new world. The first thing that I wanted to do was to find the new mob, the Enderman. I heard and watched some videos that they're only found in the highest mountains, so I just found one, and got up there. The creature, the Enderman, was there. He was holding dirt, but there was a strange animation in this dirt. Some strange sparkles, I mean. The critical hit animation. I just said to myself: I hate bugs, and, then, I killed the Enderman with my bare hands, using the crits.

After a lot of trouble to found a great mountain to build my house, I placed a wooden door on it, and crafted a bed. I slept. After I woke up, everything was black. It was still night, I mean. But when I looked out, no stars, no mobs, no moon. I could just see the crosshair, and the quick-inventory. So I tried to reach my workbench, but I couldn't see anything, so, I opened my inventory.

In there, all my things were gone, except for like 4 coals and 30 sticks. Crafted some torchs in the inventory, and then tried to light it up. It didn't worked. I tought I was locked up to my bed, due to some freakin creeper that exploded during my sleep, but I forgot to look behind me.

Everything was normal, and there was a strange and realistic sound. I turned around again.

Everything I saw was the same Enderman, holding a Netherrack, with the same sparkles. I attacked him with my stone sword I built after meeting him. So, the Netherrack turned into water, and the water was red. Red like the Redstone color. I was drowning really fast in this liquid.

I died, and the game crashed.

I started my Minecraft again, and I was near the bed. So, I thought it was just a bug, and ran out, to find some Porkchop.

I saw a man with white shining eyes: I already heard of him. Herobrine, maybe?

I attacked him, and he attacked me.

Everything went black again, and I spawned in the Nether. All of the blocks were with the crit particle effect. I looked up, and I saw the Enderman, holding the same Netherrack that I drowned my character.

I can't play Minecraft anymore.

Not after knowing that Herobrine is always there. In his true form. Holding various worlds in their hands.

Herobrine is the Enderman. And the Enderman is the god of Minecraft. See? Are you in a snowy place? Just look up. Sky? No. Blue eyes lookin' at you.

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