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In any town, in any city, there is a disease called The Gramm Disease. What is this disease, you may ask? Well. The Gramm Disease is a disease that the Vagooman casted upon the wicked; because they were not bootylicious. The Vagooman was infuriated by this outrage of the users on the CP wiki on not being Bootylicious, so here is what happened...

There was a user, whose name was Zyranne. Zyranne was the queen of Vagooland. Her husband, Ainsley, were the proud owners of Vagooland. Passed down by Miley Cyrus in order to pursue the career of twerking, they took Vagooland as one of their own. Luigifan was not pleased with his body, so he decided to overrule Ainsley. But that failed, since Ainsley gave birth to Zyrannes son. Named Ainsley Jr. Ainsley died on the spot of giving birth, due to Kitty Mistake debating whether or not she should have her name changed.

As darkness reigned all over Vagooland, Zyranne grew into a deep depression. So she started twerking for the users of CP Wiki, for de lolz. There was a user by the name of Fatal Disease, that just bursted out "litz reise e gless n left eet op. n zip frum jimi colonz kup." Fatal was executed, because it disturbed Zy's twerk fest. The twerk fest continued, but everyone left because they were distracted by Donkey Kong (who has no dong [:(])

Then, suddenly, someone FALCON PUUUUNCHED a cloud in a pissy matter, and Gramm floated down like mother fuckin' Jesus. He said "Let there be grapes." And grapes fell upon the whole entire kingdom. Then Gramm took a random piss, which made everyone sick. Fatal Disease was resurrected, and said "lol. nope" and he started getting everyone sick with the Fatal Disease.

Zyranne had no choice but to pull the plug. She started doing the Hokey Pokey, with Ainsley Jr. Then rocks falled, and everyone died. And then Ainsley's skeleton popped out.

The End

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

Idea brought to the attention of the bored citizens of CP wiki

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