The Handless Man

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School had just gotten out. It was the beginning of winter vacation, so I grabbed my friends and we drove to my place. We went to my room to play some video games, but we had played everything I had a million times.

"What do you guys want to play?" I asked the group.

"We all like Mortal Kombat right?" My friend Mitch asked.

"Yes!" We all agreed in unison.

Mortal Kombat was our favorite fighting game, so I went to the Xbox Live Marketplace and downloaded the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection.

We bickered over which one to play first but we finally agreed on Mortal Kombat II. Me and Mitch went first, then Dave and Richard.

We played for hours trying to figure out all the moves, but finally gave in and looked at the moves list. I scanned Sub Zeros fatalities and saw something I had never heard of. A summon. Back in elementary school we played this game a lot, but never heard of summons. So, as expected everyone yelled at me to do it, as I was the best at doing the fatalities.

As soon as I finished the button sequence the screen dimmed and a portal opened up next to Sub Zero. The portal swirled and the color of it continually changed.

"What the hell is this!?" Dave exclaimed.

"I don't remember these." Richard quietly said.

The animation continued and a man in a brown trench coat came out of the portal. He floated over to my opponent Jax and raised his arms. The man had no hands. Swords made of bone began to grow out of the stubs. He sliced Jax in half, blood spraying everywhere, and the announcer said, "The Handless Man wins!"

Dave who had been fighting me just stared at the screen.

"Dude, Dave?" I asked nervously. "Are you okay?"

Dave continued to stare. I poked him and he split in half just like Jax, blood spraying onto the floor.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" We all screamed.

"What the fuck just happened?!" I shouted.

"What the fuck!?" Mitch exclaimed in a shaky voice. "Call 911! Do something!"

The rest of the week nobody talked with anyone. The event had us so shaken up. I deleted the game and never played Mortal Kombat again at our local arcade.

"Honey I'm going out, I'll see you tomorrow!" My mom shouted up to me.

"Love you! Bye!" I shouted back.

I turned on my Xbox and went through my recent games. The Arcade Kollection was there.

"What the hell?" I said under my breath.

I loaded the game and when I got to the title screen a black monitor greeted me. I could here the announcer saying that the Handless Man wins in the background. I turned off the Xbox and when downstairs to get

a snack.

Someone knocked on the door.

"Hello?" I asked.

The door burst open pieces of it flying across the room. The Handless Man walked in. This was

the first time I had got a good look at him.

He was at least 8 feet tall, wore a brown fedora and trench coat, had tinted glasses and no hands. His bone swords emerged and he started swinging at me. He cut my chest and blood spurted out, spraying everywhere. The place where he had cut me felt like someone was pressing a hot poker into it. I screamed in pain and grabbed the object nearest to me. It was my pocket knife. I flipped out the blade and sliced at the mans face. I broke his glasses and cut the bridge of his nose.

Under the glasses there was no eyes. Just empty sockets that hurt to look at. I backed up. He sliced again, this time catching my arm. Blood sprayed onto the wall. I had lost so much blood. I began to feel woozy. I felt the man pick me up. The last thing I saw before I passed out was those empty sockets.

The following week I was in the hospital. My right hand had been cut of and my left arm broken. I'll never know for sure who the Handless Man really was, I remember as child my dad losing both his hands in an accident...

Credited to Evileyes69 

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