The Haunted Ashens Review

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I know, I freakin' LOVE ASHENS! You know! The british guy with a beard that reviews cheap shit on his couch? Yea that's the guy. Well not too long ago he released a video that was somehow exclusive to me. It was called "Human Tat Review."  I thought to myself "Like he'd know me" I clicked on the video and the intro was like this after the "Do do do do do do"

[Missing image: Ashens.png - Caption: "After the little tune sequence"]

Then it went to the couch, which looked ripped and it had bloodstains on it. Then ashens said "BLIMEY! Looks like we have some more human body tat to review, first up! The head of billy! Which looks very accurate! Which, OF COURSE! Came from an actual dead body! Yea and somebody just stuck a screen at the back of the head and put a joypad and buttons, pathetic humans. Next we have the Heart of some dude called "Dave!" and again they put a resistive touchscreen and pretty much nothing else. Finally we have the leg of YOU! You the person watching! Hi Garen!" Then he turned the camera to his face and it was all bloody and had horns. Then he said "You should've never watched this" and then it ended, I looked behind me and found Stuart himself with a knife saying "TIME FOR SOME MORE TAT TO REVIEW!" and then I blacked out, I am somehow typing this beyond the grave, oh well. The devil let me borrow his computer.

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