The Haunted Mansion

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A group of friends were exploring an abandoned mansion. As they entered, they noticed the faint smell of a fire burning, and sheet covered furniture litters the dusty floor. They made their way through the mansion and heard the sound of footsteps on creaky stairs. Just then, the doors to the room slammed shut. They tried not to panic as they began screaming for help. Then, the lights began to flicker on and off, visuals could be seen forming on some of the sheet covered furniture.

"I am the baddie..." I said.

As the others began to scream, I found myself transforming into a completely different person.

I transformed into CallMeKevin.

The sheeted furniture was revealed to be the bodies of my friends. I sat on a dusty couch and frantically wrote out the screenplay to "The Strangest Adventures Of Them All".

I wrote about a character called Jim Pickens who finds treasure inside himself.

The next few days were a blur. I had a vague idea that I was involved in the creation of something called "The Dark Carnival" but it was all pretty hazy.

"The Dark Carnival will be cancelled by the school if we don't raise enough money through the glee club!" I said.

After the haze cleared from my mind, I remembered what happened last time I stopped taking my medication.

"There's only one song that can generate enough hype for the crowd... this is my moment..." I said.

I sat in the back of the room with my mandolin, playing a quiet tune. The rest of the club headed out to the auditorium.

Hours later, I sat in a sea of staring faces.

"Brenden Fraser was my friend, he was my friend, was my friend, my friend!" I sung.

I bowed as the crowd went wild.

My career as a musician was short lived.

But now The Dark Carnival can take place and bring an end to humanity...


Written by MrAnonymous
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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