The Hogchex Curse

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The founding

I used to be a big fan of Realm of Norva, but not any more. It was a cold winter day, a friend of mine and I were walking down the street to our house. But as we were walking down the street we found a game USB drive. I picked it up and looked at the USB drive and it said Realm of Norva. My friend looked and I looked at each other and I said, that's weird because Realm of Norva is a game that is on gamejolt. It has not ever been on a disc, USB drive or cartridge. So we took it home and put it in my computer and downloaded the files for the game. I saw that there was a strange file named Hogchex.EXE. My friend and I thought nothing of it and opened up the game

The game

The title screen was normal except for one difference. The main character M's head was all bandaged up. We read the storyline and started the game. Everything was normal until we left the Iron fist union. First we realized that there were no enemies, which was strange since the last time that I played I was being attacked by enemies every 5 seconds. Next we realized that there were no checkpoints other than the first one. We finally got to the Slime King. But there was one problem, there was no Slime King! My friend and I looked at each other and said, "WHAT THE FUCK!"

We went into the pathway and made our way to the second town. As soon as we found B, we immediately noticed something off about B. For starters, we saw that there was no-one other than B. I was thinking to myself that, where are all the people? Something else that we noticed was that, when you enter the stores there is blood everywhere and A man that is presumed to be the shopkeeper lying on the floor motionless. Even when you go to the healing station it was the same thing, blood on the wall and A dead man on the floor. It was so scary, we were crying like a bunch of little bitches and then suddenly, a loud scream played! We checked the party and saw that B was gone! When we got out of the party wheel, B was standing right in front of M. We walked up to B and clicked on B and he said, "You, You killed me and my family, now you must pay, PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD!" And then, B turned into the Hogchex monster which we've fought so many times before, so we thought this would be a piece of cake but... The game said "RUN!" and then we were warped to a scary room full of dead bodies and monsters! We wiped our tears and pushed forward. Every second of the game was miserable.

The Aftermath

It has been 3 months since the terrifying event, we wanted to play Spoon but the game wouldn't run so we checked the files and it said "Check Hogchex.exe." We saw that it was A TXT file. So we turned it into an image file, and what we saw was explicitly horrifying. A depiction of Hogchex that had a grim expression on his face. But what was most noticeable was his red bloodshot eyes.

We heard a sound outside, we looked at the computer screen and it said "I found you." It was no joke, he had found us.

The End

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