The Holidays

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It was almost Christmas. Only a few more measly hours of the day left before tomorrow-present time! I did as much of my schoolwork as I could before I got home. Don't want to have lots of HW on the 25th.

As I was walking home, I spotted the neighborhood kids who were running around, having snowball fights and various other things. I decided to join a group of four in their fight. As the temperatures got colder, my nose began to run. When I wiped my nose, one of the kids whipped me in the face with a snowball and I fell into the icy hill. Getting up, I felt my hand brush something there.

To my surprise, it was a present laying on the ground. There was no address on it to tell me who it belonged to. Not wanting to end up stealing it, I asked the other kids if it was any of their's. They all said no.

Figuring it wouldn't harm to check it out at home, I brought it back. After wiping my boots on the Christmas-y welcome mat I headed downstairs to go put it under the tree. My dad asked me where I had gotten the present, and I lied and said one of my friends had given it to me to be nice. After that, I waited eagerly for Christmas Morning.

When I awoke the next day I immediately rushed down to get my presents. After all the nice stuff my family had given me, one last thing remained. The present from the hill. Nervously I got ready to open it. What if some kid was the one who was going to see it and now was saddened over its loss. But I told myself, no, I must open this, I'll give it back to whoever wanted it. I opened the box...


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