The Ice Cubes

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One of the frozen corpses.

It all started with little David.

He was nine years old and had recently obtained a Playstation from an online competition. Now, he had always longed to have one, so obviously he was delighted.

David's parents went out the next day and bought him a few games. When his parents got back they gave David the games and quickly ran out the door to go to a work meeting.

Later that day when David put the games into his Playstation none of them worked, so he was a bit frustrated. However, he then heard a voice coming from the Playstation saying, "Play me," over and over.

So David looked for a game on his HDD and found one in a folder titled 'The Ice Cube'. David thought that it sounded cool game, so he loaded it up.

Once the game had finished installing all the required data it displayed two options, one available, one not. The available option said 'Start Game' and the unavailable option said 'Secret Ending', so he pressed Start Game. The game was very simple: it had David control a robot witch had to avoid police and shovel one square inch of snow then get it back to the warehouse from where he started. David thought it was weird how if you got caught the robot would self-destruct and you would have to use a new one but he thought the concept was good so he kept playing.

Eventually David had accumulated a lot of snow and it said 'game complete you may now watch the secret ending', so that is exactly what David did. It showed a fresh corpse laying in the pile of snow before he achieved a trophy saying "Look what you did you murderer."

The next morning David's parents got back and saw David lying on the floor, lifeless. His parents immediately called 911 and the police and an ambulance came over. They confirmed that David died of a heart attack but could not find anything that could have done this. When his parents looked in his room the Playstation was gone.

A week later the police had sectioned of a warehouse after tracking a robot to it. They found fresh corpses buried in ice and are still trying to find the person who did this.

Credited to Gingerninger1066 

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