The Jeff Spinoffs Holiday Special

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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

The seventh in the "Jeff Spinoffs" saga ( eighth, if you count Jeff Popping Antics)

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 8.

The List!

Jeff's Hair Destroys Toronto

Jeff Rams A Bum.

Jeff Tries To Stop The Pigeon

Jeff Eats A Celery Stick

Jeff Trims His Nose HAirs.

Jeff The Centaur "Plot twist: Jeff is a hooker centaur." -Business Cat

Jeff Tries Riding a Bike; Runs Into a Window

Fabulous secret powers were revealed to Jeff when he held aloft his magic knife and said "GOOO TOOOO SLEEEP!"

Jeff finds a Death Note and becomes fat due to having a new stay at home job.

Jeff tries Call of Duty

He gets killed 1,000 times.


Jeff fights an EVA unit

Jeff Converts To Judiasm

Jeff A La Mode

Jeff Gets Baked Into A Pie

Jeff Gets Cheated On And Never Trusts Another Man Again.

Jeff Pays $3.50 To See A Elephant And Is Not Impressed.

Jeff Becomes Master Of The Universe And Remodels Earth In His Own Image "That'd take a lot of bleach."

Jeff The Public Flasher

Jeff Buys A Turbografix-16

Jeff The Drug Mule

Jeff's Vuzuvela

Jeff Makes A Wiki About His Mary-Sue With Ridiculously Strict Rules, Flips His Shit When People Edit It and Calls It Canon-Rape

Jeff learns Spanish, and moves to Mexico... now he's Jeff la Killer

Jeff becomes giddy on finding Santa Clause

Jeff finds out the real lyrics of Hot Limit, likes it better when he thought they were saying "We Drink Ritalin"

JeffOn. Apply directly to the forehead. JeffOn. Apply directly to the forehead. JeffOn. Apply directly to the forehead.

Jeff Drinks Drano

Jeff Gets Higher Than Everest Huffing Kittens

Jeff Plays Primal Rage

Jeff Pops His Eardrums

Jeff Gets Blood In His Underwear

Jef Cleans Out His Ears

Jeff Swallows The Transmitter (AGAIN?!)

Jeff Goes Skiing And Breaks Every Bone In His Body

Jeff Glitches Up

Jeff tries manscaping, despite the fact that he doesn't have body hair yet

Jeff's Voice Cracks

Jeff Plays "Dick In A Box" with Jane

Jeff Dragonshouts

Jeff Eats My Poor Meatball

Jeff in a submarine (burning in hell)

Jeff Plays DDR

Jeff Sprinkles Salt On A Bird's Tail

Jeff Is Killed By A Falling Meteorite


Jeff Gets Bad With Cyber-Bee

Jeff Eats Sour Patch Kids

Jeff Uses Fist Of The North Star

Jeff vs. Indigestion

Jeff's Eye Infection

Jeff Is Drawn By Doug Winger (don't GIS that name. EVER.)

Jeff Opens A Bottle With His Teeth

Jeff Becomes An Accountant

Jeff Gets His Toes Stepped On By Brick.

Jeff's Unkempt Fingernails

Jeff Saves Up To Get An Expensive Gun

Jeff Saws Off Florida

Jeff tries to reenact a scene from The Big Lebowski with Slendy but Herobrine stands in front of their camera so Slendy tries to get 'Brine but he dodges then Jeff tells him to go to sleep and Herobrine says he's a ghost in a video game so he doesn't need to sleep and then Preston Brooks flies in and canes them but Slender Man stares Brooks down and then Jeff and Herobrine team up and file a successful ;awsuit against him and then fangirls said they were all in love to Slendy and Jeff's dismay but Herobrine doesn't mind 'cause he thinks it's good trolling

Jeff Is Sad That Everyone Forgot His Birthday

Jeff Sniffs Panties

Jeff vs. Krillin

Jeff Shits Diamonds (ouch)

Jeff makes a diamond sword from said diamonds

Jeff gets his diamond sword stolen by a greifer

Jeff The Blob

Jeff Reads Fifty Shades of Scrafty

Jeff Sneezes And Blows His Eyeballs Out Because He Doesn't Have Eyelids

Jeff Steals Iron Man's Suit

Jeff Plays Rattle Me Bones

Jeff Meets Anton From Tirol

Jeff Plays Taiko Drummer, and fails hard

File:Wpid-1290623483 viagra1.jpg

Jeff Eats A Pot Brownie

Jeff takes Viagra, doesn't get any reaction

Jeff Enjoys On Some Hash And Watches The People's Court For Six Hours

Jeff Has A Flamethrower That Shoots Chocolate Dollar Bills (imitation chocolate!)

Jeff's Head Is Replaced With An Elephant's

Jeff's Nipples Turn Into Lamps.

Jeff Is Turned Into A Balloon Animal By The Balloonatic And Popped By The Broken Glass Beast

Jeff's Face Melts Off

Jeff Starts A Bomb Scare

Jeff Plays The World's Smallest Violin

Jeff's Keyboard Gets All Gross And Sticky


Jeff's Raging Hormones

Jeff's Bone-asaurus

Jeff Resorts To Using A Blow-Up Sheep

Jeff vs. Fruit Flies

Jeff Is Attacked by SPLOICERS!

Jeff Eats Undercooked Pork

Jeff Swallows Jane...SOMEHOW

Jeff Can't Control His Boner

Jeff Eats An Entire Roast Pig

Jeff's got to have...MONNEYYYY

Jeff and Zalgo enjoy a fine dinner and argue over who pays the bill

Jeff and Heron steal a bike

Jeff throws a shoe at George W. Bush

Jeff is not a crook

Jeff goes back in time and gets involved in Watergate

Jeff votes Obama

Jeff votes Romney

Jeff votes Big Bird

Jeff shows Shockwave how to waltz

Jeff steals a sock from a homeless man (wait, he's already homeless.)

Jeff wants you to join the Army

Jeff and Slendy vs. Hitler

Jeff meets Crazy Quilt and the Joker

Jeff teams up with Captain Planet and fights Mecha-Romney

Jeff watches The Grifter

Jeff wants some other Creepypasta character to be overused.

Jeff's GONNA WRECK IT! Slendy can fix it!

Jeff Is Enjoying Those Chips, But He's Not Doing His Teeth Any Favors

Jeff And Weegee's Stare-Off

Jeff Starts a Religion Centered Around Weird Al.

Jeff Renames Himself Jeffery Rex, Lord Of Creation

Jeff Stretches Chat And Is Banned FOREEEEVER

Jeff The Killer Eats Krabby Patties

Jeff vs The Scrubbing Bubbles

Jeff vs. Jelly Jiggler

Jeff vs. Bobobo Bo-bobobo

Jeff's Strap-On

Jeff the Halls, featuring Cory Monteith as Liu

Jeff wifes in the club and is subsequently asked for 20 dollas

Jeff thinks there's more gravy than grave about Jacob Marley

Jeff wants his magic hat back

Jeff's Quest For Tires

Jeff Drinks His Own Piss

Jeff Gets Reconstructive Surgery Done On His Face Against His Will

Jeff Gets Turned Into Coffee and Wolves Drinks Him.

Jeff puts the "mastur" in masturbate

Jeff puts on Knee High Socks

Jeff Is Attacked By Vagina Dentata

Jeff Meets A Weeping Angel; Has No Eyelids

Jeff Fails To Find The Computer Room.

Jeff Gets A Giant Brain


Jeff's Bra Needs Tightening

Jeff plays woth his aes. (the misspelling is intentional, it's a chat in-joke)

Jeff's reaction to the above image.

Jeff Breaks Suicide Squidward's Clarinet

Jeff Makes A Hilariously Awful Pasta, Then Gets Butthurt When It's Deleted And Added To Trollpasta Wiki

Jeff And The Beanstalk

Jeff Deletes An Admin's Talkpage And Replaces It With A Rambling, Butthurt Rant; Gets Banned For 10 Million Years

Jeff Finds Out Sex Makes Babies

Jeff Eats A Macbook Air

Surprise! As it turns out, Jeff has a third eyelid.

Jeff sings Teddy Boy Blues

Jeff Makes Another Anti-Admin Butthurt Wiki, And Zalgo Smites Him For Being Such An Insufferable Asshole

Jeff Screams Like A Pimpz Bitch

Sonic.exe taunts Jeff with "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!"

File:Woobat BW-animated.gif
oh nooo!

Jeff Gets An Anvil Dropped On His Head.

Jeff Wanders into a Generic Cave and Gets Gangbanged by Bat Pokemon

Jeff Rolls His Tongue

Jeff Chases, Kills, and Consumes Mice

Jeff Drycleans His Hoodie

Jeff Wears The Scumbag Hat

Jeff learns shapes.

Jeff Plays Chelnov

Conrad Jeffs And His Dancing Teeth
File:71504 toy story-balloon set.jpg

Obbly: jeff screws a balloon

HenrytheElite96: what if the balloon pops
Brick: then he gets another balloon, and repeats the process.
HenrytheElite96: *facepalm* What if he runs out of balloons?
Brick: then he moves onto goats.
Sharukai: Jeff the Chuchacabra?

Jeff's Hyper-Realistic Anus

Jeff Zips His Lip

Jeff the Ghostbuster

Jeff Drinks Wassail

Jeff turns into a miniature galaxy like the scientist in the bonus chapter of Uzumaki

Jeff Plays Ukelele

Jeff Vs. Hellstar Remina

Jeff Gets Contacts

Jeff Wears Sandals

It is written, only Jeff can defeat Ganon.

Jeff Finally Admits He's A Cut-Rate Ripoff Of Michael Myers

Jeff says 'Where's The Beef?" instead of "Go To Sleep"

Jeff swipes Kamina's shades

Jeff recreates the training screen from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out with Slendy

Nibble them good.

Jeff Makes A Poorly-Researched Theory Pasta And Gets Laughed At "What if spongebob is about ALEINS, by Jef th ekillr <3"

Jeff Nibbles Nobby's Nuts

Jeff And Slendy Switch Jobs For A Day

Jeff Gets Trapped In RUPEELAAAAAAND!!!! (Watch this video to get the joke)

Jeff Wonders Who Kicked Him In The Nuts

Jeff Takes The Douche Train.

Jeff's Dandruff

Jeff Whiteknights For A User Who Is Harrasing An Admin, Gets Banned

Jeff Balances Fruit On His Head

Jeff The Killer Can't Stop The Rock

Jeff can't stop *wubwubwub*

Jeff floods chat with fetish talk.

Jeff Uses The Dinner Blaster On Slendy

Jeff Gets A Purple Nurple

Jeff Can't Enjoy His Sandwich

Jeff Gets Something Stuck In His Craw

Jeff Inhales The HMS Titanic

Jeff Goes To Earl Grey Hell

Jeff Burns His Tongue On His Hot Cocoa

Jeff The Killjoy

Jeff Plays Little Big Planet 2.

Jeff Plays Wizards & Warriors

Jeff rages at the dreaded doom-pede.

Jeff In The Hunger Games

File:C1 Medusa Head.jpg

Jeff Gets Equipped With Bubble Lead

Hellninjas: Jeff plays Persona and shoots himself. Brick: And there was much rejoicing.

Jeff Is Assaulted By Medusa Heads

Jeff grows a third eye and fires lazer beams from it, because why not?

Jeff The Killer Breaks His Hand. Then falls down a well after stubbing his toe.

Jeff The Killer And The Philosopher's Stone

Jeff the Killer shags Hermoine

Jeff the Killer gets a small flat in new york

joff the jaffakek

Jeff Gets A Hyper-Realistic Lip Sore.

Jeff's Amazing Laser Crotch

Jeff Drinks Yoru Milkshake! He drinks it up!

Jeff the Killer's Sexual Experiment.exe -Cleric

Kiff the Jeller

Jeff gets a makeover, becomes normal, gets therapy, and this story is so canon another jeff the killer story cant be made until the next marvel crossover event

Jefferson the polite British serial killer

Jeff Gets His Teeth Straightened

Jeff Has An Extra Set Of Testicles

Jeff Stuffs 100 French Fries In His Mouth

Jeff Wrecks His Motorcycle (wait, since when did he get a motorcycle?)

Jeff's Temper Tantrum

Jeff Makes A Horrible Blogicle And Whines When It's Deleted.

Jeff blanks a page made by the admin that deleted his story for being crap

Jeff Shines His Shoes

Jeff The Porn Star

Jeff Sucks Down A Whole Bottle Of Chardonnay And Gets Shitfaced

Jeff The Food Critic

Jeff's Beer Goggles

Jeff Gets The Hiccups. GO TO *hic* *hic* *hic*

Jeff Posts An Unfinished Page And Makes Excuses For Why He Didn't Make The Whole Thing Beforehand

Jeff The Killer and the Filler Of Big

Jeff Gets A Huge Rack

Jeff The Woolyworm/Jeff The Pube

Jeff's Dick Is Superglued To His Thigh

Secretly, Jeff is Abraham Lincoln

Why Is Jeff's Beautiful Head Floating Through Deep Space?!

Jeff Gets A Stubborn Stain On His Favorite Hoodie

Jeff the Killer................GOES TO SCHOOL?!?!?!?!?!?

Jeff The Killer Gets Brainfreeze

Jeff Eats 3 Dozen Eggs

Jeff the Killer listens to Call me Maybe, then kills everybody.

Jeff is visited by the Three Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Jeff Plays Fetish Tennis


My Three Jeffs. Jeff Dunham, Jeff Ross, Jeff The Killer.

Jeff Does The RAN RAN RUU Dance

Jeff summons the unstopable Gummi Bears!

Jeff Gets Eaten By Gabe Newell.

Jeffs The Killer in: Electric Latin Love

Jeff Drives A Dumb Truck With Tits.

Jeff Becomes Hyper-Hyper-Hyper-Hyper-Hyper Realistic

Jeff Becomes Hyper Realistic to the Ninth Power.

Jeff Posts A Pasta In A Horrible, Unreadable Font And Whines When Told To Remove The Coding

Jeff Watches Zany Japanese Commercials

File:210px-Subzero mkvsdc.jpg

Jeff Beats His Chest Like A Gorilla

Jeff Is Dipped In Egg, Rolled In Breadcrumbs And Lightly Fried

Jeff vs. Sub-Zero

Jeff Digs Himself A Grave And Jumps In.

Brick: Jeff Is Really Hungry.

Business Cat: And by Jeff, she means me.
I guess i'm Jeff too .-. Jeff is now a verb, live with it.
Doctorghoti: Everyone is Jeff: the plot twist no one wanted.
Brick: God bless us, every Jeff.
Doctorghoti: I Jeffed the Jeffing Jeff with my Jeff.

Jeff Is Distracted By A Giant Sandwich

Jeff Writes A Vore Fic.

Jeff Makes Hamburgers (just don't ask what they're made of)

Jeff Takes A Vacation

Jeff Coughs Up His Lungs

Furbearingbrick Bans Jeff For Blanking Business Cat's Talk Page.

Jeff Turns Himself Into A Chicken

Jeff and the smelly smell that smells...smelly.

Jeff puts extra Dick Salt on his fries.

Jeff accidentally swallows a watermelon seed and gets pregnant with a Jeff-Melon.

Brick: Jeff-Melons are like regular melons, only they stab you.
Shini: Well, if they were emo Jeff-Melons, they'd cut themselves.

Jeff Accidentally Picks Up A Giant Spoon Instead Of His Knife

Jeff Realizes He Doesn't Exist In The Real World And Poofs Out Of Existence.

Jeff vs. King Kong

Jeff The Loose Cannon Who Doesn't Follow The Rules

Jeff Runs Out Of Lipstick

Jeff Gets An Apiary

Steampunk Jeff

Steampunk Jeff has a steam-powered knife.-MooseJuice

Jeff Bakes Bread

Jeff's Nipple Rings Are Pulled To The North Pole

Jeff Eats A Bag Of Dicks

Jeff Fails Calligraphy

Jeff Has A Severe Allergy To Spinoffs

Jeff Remodels His Lair

Jeff eats a can of baked beans. And I mean the actual can.

Someone Stole Jeff's Sweetroll

Jeff Questions His Sexuality.

Jeff joins the Tunnel Snakes.

Jeff Becomes A Gangsta Rapper

Jeff Spills Scalding Tea On Himself

Jeff Listens To The EACH BOYS

Jeff The Bloated Tick

Jeff Drops His Knife In The Toilet

Jeff Gets His Own Talk Show

Jeff Licks His Chops

Jeff The Killer: The Ballet

Jeff Gets Shot In The Lapland (no! not the Lapland!)

Jeff gets angry at cloppers.

Jeff The Furry Fetishist

Jeff Paints His Toenails

Jeff Gets His Spine Ripped Out Of His Ass.


Jeff Coats Himself In Sweet & Sour Sauce

Join Jeff, and he will make your face the greastest in Koridai! Or else you will DIE.

Jeff Ostracizes a 12-Year-Old Playing TF2

Jeff Kicks Ke$ha To The Moon

Jeff eats a sensu bean and grows a bean stock in his belly

Jeff Grows A Second Face On His Stabbin' Hand

Jeff Becomes an Echidna, Admires his 4-Headed Penis

Jeff Gets A Golden Ticket

Jeff gets decapitated and his body runs around mindlessly like a headless chicken

Jeff Fights in the Civil War, Shouting with an American Accent and Stuff and Shooting a Musket at Union Soldiers Yelling "GO TO FACHIN SLEEP YANKS!"

Jeff time travels back to the Ice Age and gets stepped on by a mastodon.

Jeff Swims Up A Waterfall To Spawn

Jeff Goes on a Trade Server to Scam

Jeff gets his Neopets account frozen because he accidentally typed "crap" instead of "carp" on the message boards 5 years ago.

Jeff Tries Huffing Paint while Masturbating; Ends Up Fainting After he Finishes

Jeff Goes On An Annoying And Tedious Fetch Quest

Jeff Puffs Up Like A Balloon

Jeff sticks a live chicken up his butt

Jeff vs. The High Price Of Living

Jeff The Brain Slug

Jeff Is Angry At Being Ponified

Jeff Calls The Amberlamps

Jeff's Spaghetti Dicks

Jeff Gets Big Ol Eyebrows

Jeff Becomes One Hundred And Ten Percent Lady-Proof

Jeff's Creator Disavows Responsibility For These Pages, Nonetheless For Some Reason Considers Them "Personal Shame"

Jeff Meets Slender Claus

Jeff The Killer vs. Bob The Builder

Worm Jeff gets caught in a jam jar

Jeff In A Pickle (literally)

Jeff Tunnels To Australia

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet, Jeff's Huntin' HABIT

Jeff Plays His Boom Box Too Loud And Slendy Yells At Him

Jeff the Killer fuses with Larva to Become Burt from Monster Party

Worm Jeff Attaches Himself To Wolves And Is Destroyed By Her Swag

Jeff The Potato, EVIL PATRIXXX, Heron, Johnson, Skeleton, and The Broken Glass Beast combine to from the Trollpasta Megazord

Worm Jeff Becomes a Beautiful Butterfly

Worm Jeff Gets Used As Fish Bait.

The Early Heron Gets The Worm Jeff.

Jeff The Killer Does The Electric Slide

Jeff The Killer drowns in pudding, accompanied by Sonic drowning music

Jeff has a Batman Stuck in his Ass

Batman has Jeff Stuck in Robin's Ass

Jeff pops out of Robin's Ass; Batman goes Batshit about it

Jeff's Ass Pops

Jeff Forms a Tumor Shaped Like an Inverted Anus

Jeff Makes a Joke About Jeff

Jeff Spams URLs In Chat And Everyone Gets Angry At Him.

Jeff Tries to Go BACK, TO THE FUTURE!

Jeff Menstruates

Jeff Falls In Love With OC and Eats Her

You DARE bring light into Jeff's lair?! YOU MUST DIE!!!!

Jeff Uses Tweezers To Fap

Jeff Peels Potatoes

Jeff Sticks A Camera Up His Nostril

Jeff The Killer Touches Obbly Inappropriately While He Sleeps

Jeff Sees Pink Elephants

Jeff plays Super Monkey Daiboken and breaks into tears

Jeff Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand

Jeff duct tapes himself to the ceiling

Jeff Stabs Rabbits

Jeff Illegally Downloads Music Porn. Business Cat: Music Porn. The notes have sex. Obbly: Jeff's headphones are fucking his ears.

Worm Jeff Infects Jeff Fangirls And Make Them His Slaves

Jeff Fangirls Infect Worm Jeff's Home

Jeff The Killer Does The Worm

Worm Jeff Does The Human

Jeff The Killer Stops On A Dime

Jeff Smokes Camel Non-Filters

Jeff bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bombs Aaron.

Jeff The Killer's Unwanted Harem

Jeff And The Mighty Morphin' Pasta Monsters

Jeff Raps on a Shitty Rhianna Song.

All The Fanon Jeffs Join Up And Become Jeff Voltron

Jeff meets ffeJ

Jeff watches Porn and falls unconscious half-way through it

CD-I Jeff "Gee, it sure is boring around here!" *starts stabbing people, who then melt or explode into clouds*

Jeff is relieved that this list is over. THEND!

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