The Legend of Die: The Death of Being Dead

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Hai guize ges wut remamber the stury with "The Legenitals of Zez: Shut the f*** up Super Rainbow Golden Edition?" The won were Ruto eated homosexual chair? Wel so I goed back to flee murket to se if thei had dny more fre gamz with Ruto vore but I yes found other loss Zelda gam.

It was called "The Legend of Die: The Death of Being Dead". I though it sunded liek promassing gaem for gud fun an shiz. He sded game free dun pley I said "do pley" he saysed "ok mate" so I wented to home and put game disc into Nintenderp Wee and it started out with a scary picshar of Midna but she was evuil and angry and depressed. It pleyed ever song in wurld backwurds for 5 minats but then finally it taked me to file selechann. I start up gam call self "soopa" an it goes to the village with al the peepul it shoze Zant murder houses with fier everone screems then the fireman comes but he are zombie skeletonfos and he eaets everyonevody there was much scare music play in backwards then i shode Midna laughic evil.

Finally it started up I was Link of course I went to desert land and temple off sand an shit and wen too boawse rume was unlocked so boss it said instead of "Stalord" it said "Skeleton popped out" Then he doned a fedora and a Tommy gun an shoosted me I died and went to Lake Mountain's Domain Town and talked to some zorons and they were al died so then there wus a red chuchu but instead of "Red chuchu"it was called "EVUIL BLOD "and when I got bottle it it sed "Yu got an bottle hyperlistic blod" and Link autmatically drank it and screamed as his ass turned inside out and devoured him alive.

Then I was in Hyrule fields. I tried to called Epona and she was comed but she wuz an anthro horse with a tanktop and shorts she started repeating "twenty percent cooler" over and over in a slow, sexual voice. Each time she said it, it was a bit faster and the pitch was more a higher. Eventually she asplode into hyperlistic blod and guts. Then Link died too because joj death are scery.

I shut down the disk and threw the system away. I was apaulled. No Ruto vore.

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