The Little Show of Horrific Cliche'

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I was an intern at nickeloadofbullion helping making a new show. the show was called HARG wich was about a fat alien with chocolate rain who's soul purpose is to climb a mountain with a llama on top wearing a sumbrero on a leap year with a rhinocerous tied to his tail and watching the hyperrealistic punish show thing from a clockwork orange. The title card came on called "Bloodbath".I thought it was a racist joke among vampires so....URINE, Then the mad cow disease ridden alien was sitting on a table crying hipperwalistic blud then exploded with brains and ear r4p3ing screams. then A SKELETON POPPED OUT....of the aliens mou and HOLY GOD DJSADNHJODNJS THE KSLEJFEIWJIEWIFNHEWJI WILL GET LUNG HEMORAGE FORFREWFFWEWATCHING IT.FEWFEWEWW diabetis.

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