The Little Spark

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As Sophie turned around, she saw her. Emily stood in the doorway. She smiled and licked the knife caked with blood. She suddenly ran towards Sophie.

It happened three years ago. Sophie didn’t know how it happened. She thought everything was going fine. They had wonderful parents, and a nice home. So how could it have happened?

Sixteen-year-old Emily, twelve-year-old Sophie and their parents stood in front of their new house in the middle of the woods. Sophie hugged her parents, very excited to be moving into a new place. Emily, however, was very pissed. She didn’t understand why they needed to move. Life in the city was perfectly fine! They had a decent apartment filled with roaches and a decent neighborhood filled with people who throw trash everywhere. According to Emily’s father, “the city was too loud.” Too loud? It was supposed to be loud! It was the city for god’s sake! Emily looked at her parents and her sister and rolled her eyes. Her father kissed her forehead. “Come on Emily, why are you in such a sour mood?” he asked. Emily pushed him away and rolled her eyes. Her mother sighed. “It’s hard moving into a new place, Simon. Give Emily time,” she said. Simon nodded and opened the door to their new house. It was an average sized house with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Simon smiled with excitement and hugged Emily. “I can tell we’ll be very happy here.

Five months passed and Emily hated her parents more and more. They were so happy all the time. It got on Emily’s nerves. How could someone be so happy living in a dark forest in the middle of nowhere? Every time Emily thought about her overly optimistic parents, her blood boiled. Her mother walked downstairs. “Pouring yourself a glass of orange juice I see?” she asked. Emily rolled her eyes and poured the juice down the drain. She ran upstairs to her room and locked the door. Emily and Sophie had to share a room, which is something they had never done before. So when Emily entered the room, she needed to make sure Sophie wasn’t in the room. She sighed in relief when she wasn’t. She went inside the closet and slammed the door shut. She didn’t turn on the light. She couldn’t. She couldn’t let anyone know what she was about to do. She grabbed a flashlight and opened a small box in the corner of the closet. She smiled. It was a box full of pocket knives. Every time Emily was angry, or annoyed at her parents, she cut herself. As she picked up the first one she saw, a weird feeling grew in her stomach. It was like something was trying to break out. As the small sharp blade touched her skin, she screamed in pain. No one could hear her, however, which is exactly what Emily wanted. Suddenly, the door to their room unlocked and opened. Emily got nervous. She cut herself a few more times then put the knife back in the box. She ran out of the closet. She bumped into Sophie. “What were you doing in the closet?” she asked. Emily had to think of a good lie. She shook her head and said that she was trying to look for something but couldn’t find it. She smiled and ran out of the room.

Two weeks passed and Emily was tasked with washing the dishes. She couldn’t argue with her parents, so she rolled up her sleeves and started washing the dishes. As she put the clean dishes on a rag to dry, a drop of blood fell from her arm onto a plate. She started to panic. She opened the cabinet under the sink and tried to look for paper towels. She couldn’t find any. She cursed herself. She tried to wipe off the blood herself, but everything went wrong. The more she tried to clean off the blood, the more blood fell onto the plate. She soaked her sleeve in water for a few seconds and used that to wipe off the blood. But again, it didn’t wash off. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard her father walk down the stairs. She cursed herself as her father walked up to her. He kissed her head. “Ah you’re doing the dishes? Well done. Well….done….” He saw the blood on the plate. “Is that blood?” he asked. Emily couldn’t say anything. Her father grabbed her left arm and rolled up the sleeve. He screamed in terror. Emily’s mother and sister heard the scream and ran downstairs. “Simon what are you….” Emily’s mother saw the blood on the plate and the scars on Emily’s arm and screamed. Suddenly, Simon got very angry and punched Emily’s face. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOURSELF?” he asked. He punched his daughter again. He punched her again, and again, and again. Emily’s mother tried to get Simon to stop, but he ignored her. He finally finished, and screamed at Emily and ordered her to go to her room.

As punishment, Emily wasn’t allowed to do anything she wanted to do for a year. But Emily didn’t care. All she cared about was making sure her parents were dead. As she stared at the ceiling at 3:00 in the morning, she thought about them. And the more she thought about them, the angrier she got. Suddenly, the weird feeling in her stomach grew. And it was physically hurting her. The more she thought, the bigger the pain. Then, with no explanation, there was a feeling of a knife cutting through her upper abdomen. She screamed in pain. She touched her chest and her stomach. Nothing happened. Wait. Something. Something did happen. The thing in Emily’s stomach finally broke out. And Emily knew what she had to do.

She quietly snuck out of the room, and ran downstairs. She opened the silverware drawer and grabbed the sharpest knife. Before she went back upstairs, she saw gasoline and matches outside. She smiled. She ran outside, grabbed the things, and started to pour the gasoline on the floor. But she stopped. This wasn’t what she wanted to do. She wanted to kill her parents. She ran back upstairs and snuck into her parents room. They were asleep. She smiled like a lunatic. She held up the knife above her head and pierced it through her father’s chest. He woke up in pain. He saw Emily standing next to him. “Emily? What are you…” He saw the knife in his chest. He screamed. Emily laughed maniacally. “That was for forcing me to live in this hellhole!” Emily shouted. She yanked the knife out of Simon’s chest and climbed over him. She sat on her mother’s stomach. She smirked. She pierced the large knife through her mother’s chest. Her mother screamed. Emily smiled. “That was for being so happy all the time!” she shouted. She took the knife out of her mother’s chest and stuck it into her own. She fell to the ground in hysterics. The last thing her parents saw before they died was Emily, laughing insanely on the ground, the knife in her chest.

Sophie woke up from a terrible nightmare. She couldn’t explain it, but it felt like it happened in real life. She rubbed her tired eyes and jumped when she saw a figure standing at the foot of her bed. She sighed in relief when she saw who it was. “Emily! Oh my god. You almost gave me a heart….” She saw the knife in her sister’s hand. Emily stared at Sophie’s eyes. “Run,” she said. Sophie was really confused. “Run,” Emily said again. Sophie didn’t know what to do. “Emily, what are you talking about?” Sophie asked. “RUN YOU BASTARD! I DON’T WANT TO KILL YOU!” Emily shouted. Sophie understood and ran out of the room. As she was running down the stairs, she heard her sister shout, “I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you!” Sophie entered the kitchen, trying to look for something to defend herself. Then she saw the gasoline and the matches. She poured the gasoline all over the downstairs floor. She lit a match and the whole place went up in flames.


Sophie ran. She didn’t know where she was going, but she knew she needed to get away. The forest was pitch-black. The only source of light was the burning cabin house. Sophie tripped on a rock and fell to the ground. She screamed when she saw Emily standing in the doorway. Half of her face was melting. But that didn’t stop her. She licked the knife caked with blood and started running after Sophie. Sophie couldn’t move. She tried to, but something was stopping her from moving. Finally, Sophie got control of her body. She sprinted. She didn’t bother going in one direction. She went wherever she thought was safe.

After hours of running through the woods, Sophie made it to a city. She fell down to the ground in pain. She couldn’t move. She looked up and her heart stopped. Emily was standing above her, licking the blood off the knife. She held the knife above her head, and pierced it through Sophie’s skin. Or so she thought. Sophie opened her eyes, and saw Emily holding the knife above her chest. Emily backed away. She looked at her shaking hands. “Sophia, run. Get away from here. Run! Please! Get away from here--” Suddenly, a tall man with a white face and tentacles appeared behind Emily. He smiled and his tentacles wrapped around Emily. He opened his very wide mouth and swallowed Emily whole. He crawled back into the dark forest.

Three years had passed and Sophie was living a wonderful life. She had wonderful foster parents, a wonderful home in the city, and a massive house. She was doing very well in school, and she never had to worry about her older sister cutting herself. Sophie rarely ever thought about Emily, but when she did, it was because Emily was in Sophie’s nightmares.

Sophie was home alone on a Saturday morning, washing the dishes. As she put the cups away in the cabinet, she felt this odd feeling, like someone was watching her. She shook off the feeling. Of course she would think that. She was home alone. She resumed her chore of washing dishes. Suddenly, there was a faint smell of blood. As Sophie turned around, she saw a tall figure in the living room. It was a girl, with black hair, purple nightgown, and a disfigured face. As Sophie looked closer, she saw that the girl’s face was melted. Sophie screamed and dropped a plate. It shattered into a million pieces. Emily stood in the living room, knife in hand, ready to kill. She ran towards Sophie and stabbed her. Sophie fell to the ground, moaning in pain. The last thing she heard before she died was Emily whispering in her ear. “You know that little spark you have when you really want something? I felt that. I felt that when I thought about killing you. Goodbye Sophie. See you in Hell.”

Credited to KaitlynGal

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