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Jon Hagmer's Diary
January 1, 2012

Yesterday, on New Year's Eve, my girlfriend gave me the game Minecraft. When I started it up, I decided to build a house. I made it out of wood and cobblestone, together with some windows. I later dug down into the ground, and I hit a dungeon. When I got inside, I was attacked by two zombies and a skeleton. After I fought them off, I destroyed the monster spawner. Inside the treasure chest, I found two cookies, five iron and a sign, which was quite rare as I'd never seen a sign in a dungeon chest before.

I shrugged, and decided to take the sign and place it. You probably know how signs work, and that you can write a lot of words on it. But this time, something was different. It already said something on the sign.

"LEAVE" it said. I was scared and deleted the sign. I wondered what could have caused that. Had my girlfriend installed a mod on my game? The next day, as I exited my house, I fell down! There was a huge hole stretching outside my view in-game, and it just led straight down. It felt like I fell for ages, even though the world is only 256 m tall! Suddenly, I saw a red glow. It was that of lava. I saw another sign on a piece of cobblestone next to the lava. It read:


Suddenly, I was pushed into the lava by an unknown force. I didn't take any damage though, and I wasn't set on fire. As another eternity passed by, while I sunk deeper and deeper into the lava, I finally neared the bottom. In the distance, I saw a Nether Portal. As I couldn't do anything else, I swam into the portal, but I wasn't transported into the Nether. This was something completely different.

As I was walking around, a creeper appeared. It seemed to move in a very laggy fashion, as it popped back and forth over the screen. Suddenly, it was in front of my face. Its face was so horrible that I'm having trouble describing it. It looked like the face of a young boy was cut off, and just sewn onto the head of the creeper. Suddenly, it started to scream. A bloodcurdling scream that could pierce anyone's ears.

Its screams were so loud, but no one in my house (in real life) heard them.

I restarted the computer, but when I logged in, the game was already started. When I pressed "load level", the loading screen showed the place where I was before was showing, with dozens of the creeper with the boy face standing around screaming.

I stood up, and started walking away, but when I reached the door, I heard the scream. I turned around, and one of the creepers stood there glaring at me.

Sorry world, this will be my last entry.

News Today 2nd of January

Today, the police went to the house of Jon Hagmer, that was killed by an explosion in his room last night. This journal was found on the floor. The police believe that the man went insane, and committed suicide by destroying a gas container.

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