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Many of us remember that one show on PBS named "The Magic School Bus", right? The show about that class that goes on a bus and they can do pretty much anything in it? Well in 1998, one year after the show ended, a "finale episode" was produced, but it was deemed too vulgar for PBS, so they canned it. However, earlier this year, the episode was leaked online. The file was on a torrent site for 3 days. Only 24 people downloaded it before it was taken off. I was one of them.

The episode starts off with the regular intro, with the title simply being called "W.A.P". I was confused, as that was the title of a song that came out this year. I thought that it might have just been a coincidence and I kept on watching.

I regret making that decision.

The episode starts off normally, with Mrs. Frizzle telling the class that they are going inside a beehive. Dorothy Ann says she doesn't want to do that, and says that she wants to go inside of a wet ass pussy, and she chants "WAP". Arnold protests, saying that he hates that song, before Dorothy Ann picks up a chair and hits Arnold with it. Timothy states that if he doesn't find out what "Wet and Gushy" means, he will do something bad, probably to Arnold. Arnold protests again, before Timothy kicks him. Carlos says "So you're telling me that Wet Ass Pussy doesn't mean a cat that's been let out in the rain?", causing the class to laugh and say "Caaaarlossss!" Mrs. Frizzle tells the class no, as they have a set curriculum to abide by. The next part shocked me, as it featured Carlos, Dorothy Ann, and Timothy ranting about Frizzle, dropping multiple F-Bombs. How did they get away with making this? The class, minus Arnold, then begins to chant "We Want WAP!" Mrs. Frizzle ultimately decides to let the class do what they want, as they get in the bus and Mrs. Frizzle gets onto the table and spreads her legs. The bus drives very slowly, all the while the chaotic, haunting screams of the children are heard, before it cuts to black for 3 minutes.

The next scene shows the class and the bus inside of Mrs. Frizzle's vagina, and Ralph complains that it is cold and stinky, and Carlos thinks that it is worn and used like a Catcher's Mitt. However, he says "worn and used" in a deep, nearly demonic voice. Dorothy Ann wonders where the macaroni in a pot is, before Arnold discovers 3 dead corpses of Mrs. Frizzle's old students. The thing is, they weren't cartoony like other people, they were hyper realistic. You could see their skin decomposing, their eyes dangling out of their sockets, and their stomachs cut open with organs hanging out. Either they were incredibly detailed paintings or... real.

Mrs. Frizzle looks down at the class looking at the decomposing bodies and laughs, causing the class to look in fear. She tells the students they they should have stuck to her curriculum, and starts to close her pussy opening, and Ralph screams in fear. Mrs. Frizzle, with a crazy voice, said that they broke her rules, and they will be trapped in her pussy forever, and she laughs maniacally. The class screams in fear, as the opening completely shuts, and all you could hear was the class whimpering, crying and asking "Why did you do this? Why?" We then cut to Mrs. Frizzle, as she gets up and walks to the camera, and says a poem:

"I said Certified Freak, 7 Days a Week. Wet and Gushy.."

What she said next, with a demonic voice and red, bleeding (hyper-realistic, mind you) eyes, will haunt me for as long as i live.

"Make my field trips neat."

She laughs again, and the scene fades out. It stays on that screen for 30 seconds, before the credits roll. No music, no background, nothing. Just the text and that's it.

Needless to say, i was horrified by what i saw. I tried to contact both Nelvana and South Carolina Educational Television (the station that produced the show) about this episode, but they never got back to me. Recently, YouTuber MeatCanyon made a recreation of the episode entitled "Field Trip - A Magic School Bus Cartoon". It is spot-on an exact recreation of the episode, but with some differences, the most notable being that it's all in his style. But when i watched it myself, Mrs. Frizzle just stared at me with those hyper-realistic eyes and said "Life will be over before you will know it. Pray to me or I will make your death happen quicker, slowly and painfully."

I don't know what I should do anymore.

Written by Geodesi
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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