The Missing Case of Mr. Willy

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This story is 100% true.

There was once a man named Mr. Willy. He was a very nice man. But one day, he got kidnapped. No one knew where Mr. Willy was.

"Help! I can't find Mr. Willy!" the neighbor across the street yelled.

Everyone was horrified.

"You vile ball drizzling hoe! How dare you refer to someone's penis in public!" said the other neighbor from across the street.

"No... The missing neighbor's name is Mr. Willy. I am not being vile at all," said the first neighbor.

"I don't believe you! Also, my name is Karen!" said the 2nd neighbor.

So Karen was still mad and she created a Facebook group for other Karens to protest the disappearance of Mr. Willy because his name sounded a little crude.

Poor Mr. Willy was never found because everyone was just arguing.

The end.

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