The Mysterious Creeper

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With the recent MineCraft 1.0.0 update, I wanted to see all of the new Mobs included. I found almost all of them, but I soon found one that scared me a little. While I was collencting wood, I thought I saw a Creeper run from me. This is unusual, because Creepers only spawn at night and they wouldn't run from the player. I concluded I should just catch up to it and kill it. I drew my Diamond Sword and began to persue. I soon got it caught in a ditch I had dug out earlier. When I swung the sword at it and hit, the Creeper did something... unusual. After hitting it, the Creeper jumped out of the 3 block deep ditch and stared at me. What I saw gave me nightmares. The Creeper's eyes were crying blood. Blood was also dripping from it's mouth at a heavy rate. Scared, I turned and ran. The Creeper followed almost immediately. Before I reached my base, the Creeper exploded killing me instantly. When I respawned, my MineCraft world was completely empty. No Trees, Animals, or anything. All Water was replaced with lava and the most disturbing detail, blood splatters covered the ground. After wandering for awhile, I found a sign. it read:



in red lettering. I first thought a Griefer had done this, but I was wrong. I kept on walking, until I found my base. My base had not been damaged at all. Confused, I walked inside my base and was greeted with A giant Creeper statue made out of Gold and had Netherrack as it's eyes and mouth. At the time, I thought the best thing to do was to quit the game. When I hit the "Escape" key, the Creeper appeared and began to chase me. After it exploded and killed me, text apperaed on the screen reading:


The very same day, I deleted the file I had created that the Creeper had appeared in. To this day, I can never explain what happened, but I don't want to find out how...

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