The Nether Pig

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It was like a regular day. go to school, play water polo, jump into the computer seat and play Minecraft. I was working on building a bridge in the sky, when I accidentally let go of shift and fell down onto the ground. I had a large area filled with Nether portals, and I fell in one. Normally, when you go into a Nether portal it's purple and it takes a while for the portal to start working, but this one was blue-ish and it put me in immediately. I was happy that I didn't die from falling, but I was thinking that it was weird that the portal was blue. Well, the Nether loaded quickly and I was going out of the portal so I could go back in and get to working on my bridge, when I discovered that there was a pig next to me. I thought, "Why is there a pig in the Nether?" I walked over and tried to give it a saddle. That's when things started to actually get weird. The saddle looked like it wasn't placed properly. It was on the neck instead of the back.

Then the pig started to turn blue-ish and making hurting sound. Then I discovered that the saddle was acting as a rope and choking it. I tried to right-click the saddle, but that made the pig die faster. When the pig died, it fell over and immediately a pig-faced ghast rose from its body like a ghost, and I saw it spit my saddle back at me. Immediately, the blue air bubbles came up next to my health. I didn't know what was happening and looked at my inventory screen. Then it hit me: My character has the saddle around its neck and the ghast is choking me with it! I eventually died and came back to regular Minecraft, and tried to find my portal. Oddly, all of my Nether portals were gone, and replaced with chests, which all contained a single saddle.

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