The Nyan Cat Background Story

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So, You know "Nyan Cat" right? The little cat in the poptart going through space with the most catchy song ever, Yeah him! Well, there's a backside to this.

When Nyan Cat first came out, the site "" came out, it was the same idea, just the cat going through space. People got addicted to it, and eventually there was a timer to see how long you could do it. But one kid in particular claimed he could do it the longest without sleep. His name was Jim Sheif. So he made the record, of "Nyaning for 34 hours, and 56 seconds." Many people tried, but one beat it.

Michael Willis. He nyaned for a week strait without sleep, people saw it legit too, he sat there, like a zombie just staring at the cute little cat. But the next day after the record, he said that "There's something wrong with that cat"

So John got intimidated and went for his best. He beat the record by a long shot. 3 WEEKS STRAIGHT. How he did so? no one knows. But he said he could have gone longer. But his reasoning of not was kept his secret. But his close friend finally got it out of him. He said that john claimed that on final minutes of johns journey, he said that "The timer stopped at 666 minutes, and .6 seconds." It was unbelievable.

His close friend, Matt, went to see if it was true, The next day Matt went at it, But it was worse then he expected, it stopped, perfectly 666.6 seconds. but there was more. the cute little Nyan cat turned horrible. His face went blue and his eyes went red. and the whole space scene behind him went red. with pictures of mutilated people that said "They tried Nyan cat" Then the song went to a horrible dark pitch with the sounds of people screaming in fear. Matt was absolutely shocked, he tried to sleep but with no success. In his dreams all he could see was the evil nyan cats face. Taunting him, and when he woke up, the song wouldn't get out of his head. So Matt ended it all with suicide by hanging himself. The next day Michael, and Jim were found in the same apartment, dead. with scratchings on their abdomens that almost looked like from a cat saying "No one succeeds..."

Credited to Alex.peck3

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