The Pokemon Master

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"Once upon a time."

"There once was a man..."

"he was the pokemon master..."

"His name..."

"Was Hank Ketchum..."

"Hank traveled across the lands'

"Searching far and wide"

"Cause pokemon Will understand"

"The power that's inside!"

"One day, Hank met someone that was too much"

"It was Bill Oak"

"The idiot of the whole entire Kanto region."

"They battled."

"Hank chose Bobby-Free"

"While Bill chose Lady-tatt"

"They battled, then Lady-tatt used Lightning Bolt"

"Then Bobby-Free fell down"

"Hank Ketchum ran, towards Bobby-Free"

"Then, he approached him, and cradled him in his arms"

"Bobby-Free said 'I'm alright dad'"

"But, to Hank, Hank was scarred"

"So Hank let Bill be the pokemon master for now"

"And Hank never done a poke-battle ever again"

The End.

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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