The Posessed Burger King

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Hey, this is LenMaster88 from the Geoshea's Lost Episodes wiki. I made this as my first Creepypasta. Carry on and say this is a really bad trollpasta. Enjoy.

Well, you remember those Burger King advertisements from the 70s, right? Well I was on my friend Gregory's computer looking at his Ninjago pictures, when I found a file called "BURGERMIDITE.avi" And I thought to myself "Gregory did not download that! Maybe his parents would had downloaded it." So I clicked on the file, and it was an old Burger King advertisement from the 70s! But the music was like "I-I-I-WI-I-I-L-L-E-A-A-T-T-T-Y-O-U-R-S-O-U-L-5-5-5-5-" And I was like "What the heck? The music does not sound like that!" Until I saw creepy pictures of the Burger King himself. Then when I went to sleep, I had nightmares about the King. Later, I got to my grandmas. And my uncle was watching that same advertisement from the video I watched yesterday! Until I find out that my uncle says that we will have Burger King for lunch. But I wanted to predict it! But I had to because of that video! And I thought to myself "Maybe I will stick with a Ham Sandwich!" and that's the end of my pasta.

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