The Real Story of Herobrine's Death

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Hello everybody..... I would like to inform you all of Notch's brother, Herobrine's death. It was back after the first version of Minecraft was made. Notch let his brother, Herobrine, play it. Man, herobrine couldn't stop playing. He made a house with everything in it. Then, i came over to try it out with him. I figured out that he was playing for at least 3 days. He kept everything in his life at the time about Minecraft. I liked the game myself. But i didn't like it THAT much to stay on for 3 days. It came to the point where he wasn't eating, sleeping, or drinking water that often. Soon, Herobrine's mom called. "HE'S GONE MISSING! PLEASE HELP! HE TOOK THAT COMPUTER WITH HIM!" She said. I couldn't think of a place where he would have gone. I waited two weeks before starting to stop thinking about him. Notch called and said that he's gonna inform the police. The police came to my house a day later, questioning me. I told them the honest truth about everything. After an hour, they left. I got these weird text messages with weird words at night. It happened at least until 3:00 A.M. A week later, i got something in the mail. It said it was of vital importance. I opened the envelope up to only find pictures. But little did i know, the pictures were of Herobrine. They....they.......they we're horrible. It was a picture of Herobrine with his pupils cut out and fishing hooks put in his mouth, forcing him to smile. The letter i found in the envelope said "You better watch your back, because this could be you soon...". The whole thing was written in red liquid..... From this day, i still hide from this man who killed my friend. I will never forget that horrible picture......thank you for reading this. Because if that man is reading this, well, im still hiding

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