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Ok, just to start of here I had played this game called red.exe, it was just a normal game I got it on a disk as a birthday gift from my friend, it was on a old CD. I was kinda disappointed that he didn't give me a better gift but I had to accept it, it would be very rude if I just threw it away, as I inserted the disc there was one folder there called 'Red Beta' and inside there was a single file called red.exe it was 1 KB. I thought that was odd but I eventually decided to open the game.

The menu was a little weird, it was like the text red was covered in blood. I thought to myself that this was a horror game and started a new game up, when I did the game started with a slight scream and I decided to just go to level 1.

When I started I saw a cute little village when I went in one of the houses, the villagers screamed in fear. I wondered why but then the screen went black and when it was back to normal I saw my character ripping out the organs and slowly killing himself. Then he the watched me with his eyes I was horrified I tried to take the game out but the eject button didn't work. It was jammed or something.

I pushed ctrl+alt+delete but it didn't work! I tried again, and again, and again! Then I just decided to break the computer it fell on the floor but still didn't work! I tried to get a hammer from my dads tool shed... but it didn't work, my bedroom door was locked, I couldn't get out. I tried punching the computer but still, nothing. I tried to throw it across the room but I then I was shot with about a 1000 volts. I felt pain a lot of it but I just continued playing the game it went automatically to the last level but then I just was thrown out of the window.

I survived with a few broken ribs and a broken leg. A couple of days later I went in my room and I checked the disk drive. But there was nothing there, it has been 2 years since I don't ever want to land in that again. I punched my friend in the face then telling him my story that is the end of that don't ever play a game called red . exe.

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