The Return Of The Cat With No Eyes

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Hi I came to tell you a story something really disturbing now whenever I look in the mirror I see that cat shit all begins when iva with friends they told me a legend named the cat blind his face was distorted due to the nuclear waste that had was devoted to attacking the second was that I saw an abandoned house near his prey lived there expecting to eat mice and human flesh.

I waited for my friend who went to buy cigarettes depues saw a house to return the said.

help me to hide these cigarettes he was 20 and told us to go to that house was there seemed abandoned upon entering saw footprints on the floor dead insects bones lying there saw a human body.

then said let us go up between aver that there was gross the bathroom felt that something was running in the hallway.

I saw nothing and was starting to scare me then went to the kitchen had bloody footprints this was wrong that hell is here told ami friend feel something watching us and said it was the blind cat house.

said my friend here kedate ire above aver that succede wait a while when I was yelling today ami friend aver and saw immediately that it was dead friend ami depues down and locked myself in a room that contained acid thrown vi ami distorted figure come after I slipped with the guy I face damage happened and then ask respondents who had an accident depues kito Dr. bands and I asked for a mirror and not think it's a good idea to repeat it again depues saw my face was deformed looked like a skull

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