The Scary Pasta

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So, I walked to some shady man's garage sale. I saw that there was a frozen dinner box labeled "The Creepy Pasta", which I thought was a Halloween version of a popular Frozen Pasta brand or something. I asked how much it was, and the old man said that it was free.

Then, as I left with the frozen pasta, the old man said "Goodbye then" or something. I did not hear it. At home, to my surprise, the pasta was still well within the "Best Before" date. That sent a shiver to my spine. There was no mold or anything inside. It was frozen.

My fears were confirmed when I tried to microwave it. It has been 3/4 finished. Then, the pasta came to life as a giant pasta monster! The giant pasta monster told me to go to some clever bot site or something, and the site said that it is my computer. Then, a skeleton popped out. 

I drove my car out of my house, and to my surprise, the moon was huge. It looked like it was going to fall at any moment. Then, I saw a statue or something following me. There was an absence of other people around here. All the vehicles had no people in them, only puddles of blood or pasta sauce or something. Then, from one of the vehicles, a skeleton popped out.

The moon fell on the skyscrapers downtown, and wrecked the big tower with a clock on it. Then BEN drowned and the phone rang but who was phone? THE END.

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