The Scary Thingy

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Warning: Do not read before bed!

A small boy walked down the side of the road. His name was Timothy. He was on his way home but it was getting dark. Really dark really fast. He had been on at his friends house before he left and he was really scared because he read some scary stories. He hurried home, walking quickly, relieved to see his house.

"Ooooh..." He heard a noise. A twig breaking and what sounded like a ghost.

"Ooooh... OOOOOH..." The noise was louder now, and Timothy was jogging.

The noise got 10x louder, making Timothy's heart race. "OOOOOOOH!" Timothy broke into a sprint. He was just a few hundred yards from his house. He could hear something behind him. He got to the door but it was locked. He jumped over the railing and went to the back door.

He got through the back door. He was safe. He walked upstairs. He popped Small of Pooty: White Ops II into his Y-BOX 720 and started to play. Then he looked out the window and there was a scary thing and he was struck down with a heart attack. And guess what --- the scary thing was a balloon!!! It was tied to his backpack the whole time!


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