The Screaming

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My day started out normal, me going to school, getting home and playing Minecraft.

This was when the Halloween update was still being made. So, I decided to look around on the Internet for a cracked version. I eventually found one, and installed it.

I stared Minecraft and made a new world, but something was wrong. When I loaded the world, everything was flat, except for a sign I could see in the distance. I started walking towards it, but the sign kept moving further away, so I turned around and there was a person, with glowing white eyes, just standing there. A little unsettled but nonetheless still wildly curious, I did my best to ignore him and tried to walk away, but I couldn't move. It was as if something invisible was preventing me from going anywhere. The mysterious figure walked towards me, screaming a horrifying scream. I tried to close Minecraft but, supposedly under the influence of the figure, my computer seemed to refuse to respond to my frantic attempts. I was freaking out. He pulled out a sword, but it wasn't a wooden sword, stone sword, iron sword, gold sword or diamond sword - it was black, and messily caked with blood. Then Minecraft crashed.

The screaming persisted, and I unplugged my computer, but that wouldn't stop it. That's when I started really freaking out. I turned around. A man was standing behind me. He had eerie white eyes that triggered instinctive terror and fear deep in my gut - they were too white, they were wrong; completely lacking texture, shadow or shape, they burned pure white as if a blank plane entirely devoid of matter. I then remembered what I had read the night before. Before me stood the fabled Herobrine. I was unable to move, paralysed, as he drew the same wretched black sword as I had seen in-game, this one too caked with the foul dried blood of those before me.

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