The Silver Van

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It was just a normal day at lunch. Me and my friend were talking when one of the girls interrupted us. I was wondering what was going on, I asked my friend, he said, "oh, I forgot to tell you man I never told you about the story The Silver Van my cousin saw a guy outside carrying a body they say the cops around the school still keep an eye out for him." I asked why the girl interrupted us, he said because "she saw a silver van outside with the exact same license plate."

We started the look out for silver van, We Saw A LOT! But the we saw one with the same silver, it was a van, and it had the same license plate. Some of the girls pulled us away from the fence in the school yard but we didn't care. We just kept watching until a teacher pulled us off the gate. We still watched in horror as it drove by though we weren't sure if it was the exact license plate because it drove to fast.

Then we saw a police car start driving by, and now I was screaming "yes!" Even thought some of the girls were screaming, then a girl walked behind me crying. And then recess ended.

We were in line already when one of the girls finished writing there will that they love there dog.

But then when we were walking back to the school. A Silver Car Drove By.

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