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Bob's Visit is an creepy pasta unpaired episode. There has been fan made episodes reusing clips from older episodes of it and being edited with Sony Vegas Pro the way a YouTube Pooper would do it. It is stated to be a "lost episode", which is a lie as it was never made by Fox.

But it was aired.

The person who made this episode might have hijacked Fox and made it air, ruining a lot of reputations and making the episode 100% forgettable.

Remember the show on Fox called The Simpsons, right? It's one of the longest running shows in America. However, there was one time that FOX accidentally aired an episode that was NEVER supposed to be aired on TV.

It only aired once. It didn't repeat later on that day either like the show usually does. This episode was extremely mean spirited and worse than any other bad episode of the show.

This episode alone shocked the viewers for life who watched this episode. Fox was flooded with complaints that this episode was terrible with all the content in it. Very few people remember it, and it never got to go on YouTube due to copyright reasons. If you managed to tape this episode when it aired, consider your self lucky. But whatever you do, don't post it on YouTube or your account will be suspended due to a copyright claim from Fox.

I was about to go home after eating at an Italian restaurant. When I was going home, I went on my computer and read online about a Simpsons episode that was never released to the public, because it was extremely satanic to everyone who loved the show. I wanted to find out more about it, so I started looking for the original episode. It took me days to find it, but I finally found it on a forum. The forum's name was called something along the lines of "fileheaven" or "filesharing4u", I cannot remember because I'm telling this from memory. The file name on the other hand was called "Simpsons_Bobs Visit_Episodically". I downloaded the file onto my computer and then went straight to "My Downloads" on my computer. The ".zip" file came with two files, a video file called the same name as the ".zip" file, just with the extension of the file changed to ".mp4", and a text document called "ReadMeBeforeWatching.txt". I opened up the text document and it read:

What you are about to watch is an episode of the Simpsons that was only aired once in the USA. This episode is incredibly disturbing. Watch at your own risk.

I felt my stomach churn when I read that. What do they mean by disturbing? Do then mean disturbing like the Treehouse of Horrors with blood showing? I thought that whoever uploaded this episode on the forum was just making that all up and it was just a joke.

Oh boy was I wrong.

Before I started the video, I went back to the forum and read the post for more information where you could download the file, and that's when I found out.

The reason why is because it said on the forum that the episode originally aired on September 16, 2001, 5 days after the September 11 attacks. It was going to be the first episode of Season 13, but ended up becoming "Treehouse of Horror XII", which aired on November 6, Due to Fox's coverage of the MLB World Series despite being Halloween themed.

However, in November 2009, 8 years after the episode aired, someone was walking around a massive pile of rubble, which contained a VHS tape with the episode on it. The person who found the tape somehow got the episode off the tape, and the user started sharing the episode online, which then the episode blew up, and millions of people downloaded the episode and they started sharing it to other downloading websites, such as Rapidshare. Unfortunately, the episode and it’s copies were removed in the time period of 4 months. No one was able to find the episode, and get their hands on a copy of the episode ever again, as people were charged and fined a large sum of money for sharing the episode to websites that could easily be accessible by kids. I thought that charging people large amounts of money for a episode that is illegal to download is a ridiculous thing that existed back then. But I felt like it was fair because to be honest, anyone could access a downloading site and download anything that they ever wanted.

Anyway, when I started playing the episode, the intro of the episode played. The quality was mediocre as well as the audio being distorted a bit. I started to wonder, did the person who found the VHS tape of the video actually make this episode? And that the story about that person finding a VHS tape with the episode on it was just all a lie? I had so many questions about the intro quality, that I couldn't be bothered to look for a perfect quality version of the episode online.

After the intro, it showed Bart and Lisa at the living room watching TV. On the TV, showed a typical chase scene with Itchy and Scratchy, but the latter got a knife and cut Itchy's tail off, and blood dribbled out, leaving a trail. Scratchy followed the trail to Itchy's mouse-hole, and he got a buzz-saw to cut the wall and make the mouse-hole larger for him to fit. Then, a wolf with sharp fangs and claws came in and mauled him in a way of a crazy person.

Itchy came back and burned Scratchy's remains while he laughs evilly. As he laughs, the screen went to static.

After the static went off, it showed Sideshow Bob, much to Bart and Lisa's shock.

Sideshow Bob: Hello Bart, Today I'm gonna visit your house!

The way he said it was more like a pedophile. Bart unplugged the TV with a shy expression and went to his room.

The Next Day, Homer and Marge got a call. The call was from Sideshow Bob who appeared on the TV. Bart got worried of what Bob were going to do to him. Bob came into the house, grabbed a baseball bat, darts and he even wanted to kill Bart with a freaking train. The parents were petrified of what he was going to do to him. Bob started hitting Bart with the objects he had. Blood was coming from Bart's head and body by the darts.

Then, Bob dragged him out of the house, and into the train track. I could see where this was going. Bob put explosives around, after he had tied up Bart to a big wooden cross with rope. Then it happened. The oncoming train was speeding really fast, and when the train was about to hit Bart, the screen went to black. I heard bloody screams, sounds, and a loud explosion. I even heard Lisa's crying as well.

The scene then cut to static for a few seconds, before it changed to an image of Bart's dead body drawn hyper realistic, followed a still image of Bob, but with blood-red eyes and blood running from his eyes with audio that sounds like distorted Egyptian music. I didn't know what the purpose of that photo was. It seemed to stay there for around 10 seconds until it cut back to the episode.

Then it cuts to Homer and Marge crying in the table. The crying didn't sound like cartoon crying, it was realistic crying in pain. There is then a slight static sound, and it cuts to Bart’s funeral. Everything is black and white instead of colorful. This scene appears to be based on the Season 1 episode, Bart the General.

The camera cuts to static again, and showed the Simpsons' House. Bob looked crazy, and is saying "The shadows play with me." He then laughs manically. The strange thing is, that his voice sounds like a demon. Bob starts to ooze foam from his mouth, and he takes an Psychoanalytic pill. The pill fails to work, and Bob takes out a gun and kills the family cat, Snowball.

Marge then yells to Bob, "SHUT UP!" and Bob looks straight at her. He says, "The shadows shall engulf you, mere mortal. Give praise to them or perish," and Marge says, "Whatever," and returns to bed. A time card appears saying "25 Past Midnight” with a strange sound in the background. Homer and Marge are shown sleeping for nearly a minute. They wake up, and see a shadow holding a chainsaw. They scream as the shadow revs up the saw. The screaming was like a real person shouting, not cartoony.

They keeps screaming over the sounds of the saw. The shadow puts the saw to theirs body and screams as Homer and Marge are being cut up, and blood splatters on the wall. Then they died, and the shadow reveals to be Sideshow Bob as he emerges from the parents' door, holding their cartoonist-severed head. He feasts on it, and laughs maniacally. He then runs to the kitchen and emerges with a pair of knives. He runs to Lisa's Room.

He screams, "oh Lisa! come And play with me!!," as he stabs Lisa repeatedly. Bob then draws a pentagram on Lisa's floor. He sacrifices Lisa's corpse. There is literally no sound for this seven second sacrifice. Bob laughs again, and runs to his house. He is seen at a table with the parents' partially-eaten head, brain exposed and eyeballs hanging out, and says, "My beautiful honey, will you marry me?," as Homer's left eye blinks once, revealing he is alive, but slowly suffering and dying. His skin sheds, leaving only muscle and tissues exposed, and his facial organs and nerves snap and fall apart. His head is now nothing but a pile of random organs, and his eye blinks again. A cut to black transition shows, and for thirty seconds, Bob is shown kissing the pile of organs, and putting a ring on it, inside of a Church. Bob looks demonic, and says to Homer's organs, "I am your lord and savior, Springfield. Praise me." The episode ends with Bob committing suicide by stabbing himself in the heart.

After that, it went to the credits. It rolled silently.

I only recognized Matt Groening's name, as he was the creator of the show, the rest were garbled text. The copyright notice at the end said:


This was incredibly odd, seeing as the show began in 1990. After all that was over, the screen went to static for the rest of the video.

I then deleted the episode off my computer and I never saw it again.

This is so Bad, WTF would this episode air.

Originally on Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

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