The Skeleton in the Castle With Glowing Red Eyes That Kept Saying "Rock 'n' Roll"

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When I went to school back in fifth-grade, two friends and I started a band that Damon--the bassist--called "Snakes II", giving the band a name without anyone else really agreeing on it. Our bassist then wrote a song, which he titled, "The Skeleton in the Castle with Glowing Red Eyes That Kept Saying 'Rock 'n' Roll'". With how the band had been stealing songs from other musicians, it was the most original song Snakes II had sung.

The Lyrics

One day I went into a castle,
And there was a skeleton with glowing red eyes,
That kept saying "Rock 'n' roll!"

I tried to stop him from saying "Rock 'n' Roll,"
But he kept saying "Rock 'n' roll,"
Rock 'n' roll!

The Singer's Review

In all honesty, it was one of the gayest songs we had ever, but at least it was better than anything Justin Bieber would've ever done. But today, I like to use it for the lulz. I think it was mainly the fact that a fourth-grader was singing it. I'm sure if a professional musician would have sung it, played it, and extended it, it would have been good.

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