The Stanford Experiments

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In the 1950's, the CIA conducted many experiments on their soldiers. Knowledge of these experiments was released to the public in recent years. One experiment, however, they had never intended to let slip through the cracks. In 1953, Three babies were captured from a Russian orphanage for an experiment lasting for 28 hours. Jospeh Stanford, the doctor who spearheaded the experiment, kept a journal.

The following document technically doesn't exist, and the events depicted therein technically didn't happen. The government is adamantly seeking those who have any knowledge of these experiments and exterminating them. Read at your own risk. Warning: The following contains explicit content. The Experiments

0600: Doctor Joespeh Stanford reporting. I am present with my colleague Michael Hitchworth. We are pleased to announce the possible genesis of the next age. Three infants were taken from a Soviet orphanage and placed here to begin experimentation. Today, we will inject element 116 into them- Deliridium. We so named this because of the alleged undead incident that occured in Nazi Germany concerning the element 115. The workers who mined 116 were also said to go insane. We almost have the proper amount liquidized. After we make preparations, we will start.

0700: All three infants are safley contained. Their needs are completley met, and two nurses are keeping them company to keep their moods stable. The babies are happy and content. No birth defects or other developmental abnormalities currently present. The nurse just entered the room to dose the infants. We are taking a one hour logging break to observe their behavior. Behavior reports will now be every two hours after 0800.

0800: It has been one hour since initial injection of the substance. At first, the three infants cried immensley. One of them even regurgitated from excessive crying. For a few moments thereafter, there was no emotion. None. Just utterly blank expresions. Suddeny, they began to walk. These babies have a documented age of 8 months. They shouldn't be remotley close to taking their first steps, but yet they're walking as if it's the most natural thing in the world to them. It's not the aimless stagger that most infants posses when they begin to walk, either. These babies walk with a purpose. Their steps are steady and deliberate, and they seem to have a sense of direction parallel to most adults. At this point, we have no other choice. We will administer the motor skills and intelligence test.

1000: Results from the motor skills test and intelligence tests were radically different from our predictions. In the motor skills test, they displayed motor skills that are better than the average adult. All of the simple motions they performed with little to no effort. They were able to write the alphabet and even complete intelligent sentences. These were completed in English, but upon further testing they were able to flawlessly write Spanish, French, German, and even Russian. One of the infants wrote some Japanese as well. When quizzed about world affairs, they answered everything without skipping a beat - on paper of course.

Their precociousness may prove to be dangerous. We have told the nurses to watch them closley. My colleague and I will watch them even closer. 1800: We have not been able to adhere to the aforementioned schedule for reporting subject behavior because of the events of the events in the last eight hours. Both nurses are dead, and my colleague is severly injured. I will recall these events to the best of my ability. If only to retain scientific history - and my own sanity - I will glady walk you through this infernal hell.

Starting at around 1200, The infants started to converse in what sounded like an ancient Aztecan dialect. This, combined with the tests, puzzled everyone present. How could these babies have complete inherent knowledge of something because they were injected with a substance? Why didn't this happen with the miners? I digress. They soon got into a heated argument. My colleague suggested that we intervene, but I wanted to see how this played out. I regret that decision. The three infants started fist fighting. You did not read that wrong. They thew punches at each other, striking each other down with brute force. Not the usual, relative force of babies; true, sheer force. Soon, however, it escalated quickly.

The fighting stopped. Completley. All three of the infants stared at each other in complete, stark silence. After a long pause, one of the babies tore at its stomach with superhuman strength. It eviscerated itself entirely, sending its entrails all over the polished white floor. The other twofollowed suit and left an ankle-deep pool of blood on the floor. There was a tinge of murky brown after they violently stomped on their discarded intestines, tarnishing the encompassing puddle a crimson brown. After this storm of sickness, nothing. They stood there with gaping holes in their bellies. Out of the blue, they started laughing. A sick, vomit-inducing howl that shakes me to my very core. On and on they brayed, and it almost drove me to the point of insanity.

0800: That fucking howl. I couldn't take it anymore, that god-forsaken laugh. I finally decided to have something done about it before it was too late. I sent my colleague in with the nurse, both armed with semi-automatic handguns. .45's, I figured they would get the job done. From a scientific standpoint there was nothing else to gain from their existence. For the sake of the human race, it was best that these creatures ( I refuse to call them humans anymore) be put out of their misery. Their seemingly ephemeral existence had caused me so much pain already.

When they both entered the room, the babies seemed to recognize the weapons and their eyes rolled inside out to reveal only whites. My colleague then fired in unison with the nurse, directly at their heads. Their brains splattered the wall, but they continued to stare. And then started laughing. Jumping with ape-like agility, they ate the two innocent people alive. As my colleague's corpse is being feasted upon, I write this. I should have never participated in this experiment. I am a sick human being. I've sealed the air lock so these beasts cannot escape. God help the poor souls that find these things. I'll have to end it now. Even though I'm not supposed to hear that laugh, I hear it in my head. Lord, forgive me...

(End of entries. Blood splatters the page.)

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