The Story Of Teh Clown

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Hello, bitches. My name is Mr. B. Shitpicklez. Ok, here's my life story:

I was a clown, working in the Mickey Mouse department of 'Some Fucking Amusement Park-land'. While I was about to go take a clown-piss, a little boy approached me and said: "Hey! You're a clown! Can I have some sweets?". I said "No, fuck you!" and then hit him on the head with a whiskey bottle.

Then, his parents came along and said "Hey! Don't hit our son in the head with a whiskey bottle! That's not nice!". I thought they brought up a good point... But I didn't give a shit and hit them with the same whiskey bottle.

That's my life story so far. It's also the story of how I lost my job and am now selling Super-Mega-Ultra-Skeleton Drugs. Part 1 of 8947 finished. More to follow.

Written by Spoopy Business
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