The Story of PATRIXXX According to...Fuck I Forgot

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Y'know when EVIL PATRIXXX first showed up on earth,
People be like, "AW SHIT WE DED!"
And EVIL PATRIXX be eatin them sayin,
"Well ya are right." So EVIL PATRIXXX went around killin watchin and eatin people,
And he pissed off some Jews and they were like,
"LET'S GET HIM CRUCIFIED!" So they took him to the Romans.
And the Romans were like,
And they were like crucifyin' him and shit,
And one day EVIL PATRIXX cried out,
"Gioerutyoirty, Gioerutyoirty. Hoeryotrutyhrotyuroprwtlkeotieyhtoejv." Which was like the Trollamaic translation of,
"Myself, myself. What the fuck am I doin here?" And EVIL PATRIXX was like,
"Well, I'm ded." And EVIL PATRIXXX died for your sins.
HA! Just kidding, EVIL PATRIXXX can't die.
So EVIL PATRIXXX jumped off da cross and started hittin all dem people with it then he crucified them and was like,
"Well, I'm hungreh." So EVIL PATRIXXX ate everyone and his disciples weren't there to share his story because he killed them.

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