The Suicide of Koromo

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[Missing image: Hyper realistic koromo lol.jpg - Caption: "HYPER REALISTIC VERSON OF KOROMO"] (cpwspw)

It started off as a normal summer day. I had just got out of school, eaten lunch, played a video game. It was a perfectly fine afternoon, until I discovered... that tape... that horrible, dreaded, evil tape...

I was walking down my block when I saw one of my neighbor's was having a yard sale. As I inspected the for sale items, I saw an interesting tape that caught my eye. It said "Saki Lost Episode" on it. I was interested, because I've never heard of that anime. It only took 30 cents to buy it. I took it home, brought it up to my attic, and hit play.

It started normal. The intro theme played. Suddenly, it cut to static for about half a second. I raised my eyebrow, but figured it was just the tape. Then it cut to a title card called "Koromo's suicide.avi". Not only was I creeped out by the title, I was wondering why it had a file extension on the end. Suddenly, it cut to a sidewalk. Then, a girl appeared and she was, no shit, even sexier than Jessica Alba and Marilyn Monroe combined. I guessed this was Koromo. She had blonde hair and bunny ears. She then walked up into an apartment building, and entered a dimly lit apartment room. She got in the bed, somehow in her pajamas, and tucked herself in. Suddenly, another smexy blonde girl came in. Her name was Touka, as stated by the subtitles. Touka then began to read a very disturbing poem to Koromo, from a book. I could feel the air get cold and the tension rise in the room.

Koromo looked visibly scared. She looked sleep depraved, and her realistic eyes were bloodshot. Suddenly, for half a second, it cut to a hyper realistic version of Koromo. Touka continued to read, her face getting more and more deformed as she continued. She was almost finished with the poem, and I dreaded what would happen next. Touka's sharp toothed mouth opened, and her hair formed in a Medusa shape, signaling the end of the poem. Still reading, she chanted out the dreaded ending of the poem... the words which will be stuck in my head forever... those dreaded words:


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